Download your ExchangeDefender digital assets today!

Our marketing team has just released a collection of digital assets made specifically for our ExchangeDefender partners. The new marketing collateral was created to provide our clients an easy way to promote Exchangedefender services online, particularly via their social media channels.

What is a digital asset?

A digital asset is Marketing’s fancy way of saying “any design that is in digital format”. Digital assets are created electronically, and come with a right to use, this means you can share them at your discretion. The top five most common types of digital assets are images, PDFs, videos, presentations, graphics, and audio files.

The collection of social media posts is available on our Marketing page, and is free of charge. Further, on this page – you’ll find tons of marketing collateral that is ready to be downloaded immediately. Each of our solutions has a data sheet available that provides an overview of the service for you to share with your clients. Additionally, if you would like to have your marketing collateral branded with your own company logo, you can submit a marketing request.

How to use

There are plenty of ways to share the new social media posts. We have taken all of the hard work out of promoting our services via facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram and more! You can see from our own facebook page (@exchangedefender) that we share these types of posts every day. We also use these designs inside of our newsletters to highlight particular services, or features. (ExchangeDefender uses constant contact for email newsletters, you can also use mailchimp as well to accomplish the same thing.)

Another way to use our digital collateral is via text message. If you use sms texting, like ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy you can instantly send an SMS with an image post. Sharing these posts via text will assure you that your client has seen the information you sent. (About 90% of people open their text messages within just a few minutes.)

Ready to get started? Here’s what to do next:

To start posting, please visit and navigate to the “Digital Assets” section of the page. To download, simply select the file, and it will automatically download. You should be able to locate these files on your computer in the downloads folder.  

The average sales process for B2B contains seven steps – from prospecting and targeting, to presenting services, to finally landing the sale. Here at ExchangeDefender, we completely understand how tricky the sales process can be. We created Starter Kits for each of our solutions to help our new partners get started as quick as possible. As part of our onboarding, we offer every MSP partner access to our complimentary starter guides available to view or download at any time.

What is a Starter Kit?

A starter kit includes useful information about the company, and their products and services. This guide provides a quick snapshot on a particular ExchangeDefender service, and provides helpful tidbits on how to sell the solution to clients.

Your starter kit will help you understand how a service works — including summaries of its main features, and real benefits to the client. It also offers useful insight on how to identify customers that are ready for our services. How? It provides client profile data, and offers advice on what to look for with your prospective clients. ExchangeDefender has gathered this sales data over many years of business, and has identified the main selling factors to help our partners sell easier.  

Benefits of Using a Starter Kit

There are many benefits to using a starter kit to help speed up the onboarding process with ExchangeDefender. We think of our starter kits as sales enablement guides that give MSPs the right information, at the right time to help conquer opportunities with new clients.  We hope to create a sense of confidence for our partners by providing helpful links to important details about ExchangeDefender services. Managed service providers will get key facts, learn about the real-world benefits of our solutions, and be able to understand selling opportunities that are available. The kit also includes technical information on each service to prepare partners to deploy ExchangeDefender for new customers.

Where to Access

We provide easy access to ExchangeDefender Starter Kits. Simply visit our Marketing page made exclusively for Partners. There, you can access marketing documents designed to help you seal the deal with the option to instantly download them. As a registered MSP, you can request to have ExchangeDefender marketing collateral branded with your own company logo for free. You can submit your request by completing the mini form at the bottom of the page – simply select the collateral you would like branded, and upload your logo.

To access ExchangeDefender Starter Kits, please click here.

Finally! We have good news to share with our partners, ExchangeDefender has some goodies for you to take advantage of this month. These opportunities are absolutely free, and are available exclusively to active resellers of our solutions. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements next month for new specials and promotions. As always, we want to thank you for your business, and continuing support!

Goodie #1 – New Official Partner Logo

As we begin to update our partner program with new and exciting features and benefits, we wanted to start with the launch of the new ExchangeDefender ‘Official Partner’ logo. This is a company first, and we are thrilled to offer our current partners, a logo that they can add to their portfolio, and their website with pride. The logo is featured in two colors – light and dark, and are available for download here.

Goodie #2 – Get $5 credit for a positive review

We’re looking for current partners to give us a quick positive review to be used on our website, and social media. You will receive a $5 credit on your next monthly bill. To submit your review, simply create a ticket with Positive Review as the title. (Reviews must be at least 40 words in length.)

Goodie #3 – Sell Encryption, make full profit for 30 days!

We’re offering 30-day free trials for partners who have prospective clients looking for an encryption software for business. Sign up a new client, get first month absolutely free. This promotion is valid for one month worth of full profits made exclusively using Corporate Encryption To learn more about ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption, click here.

ExchangeDefender’s Corporate Encryption solution is our rising star, and has become our best-seller for 2020. Recently, we loaded the original Encryption product with tons of new features, and relaunched it as a multichannel encryption software for small business. It is the first of its kind. Now, users can easily send and receive encrypted messages by email, url, or sms.  

Service Highlights and Selling Points

Corporate Encryption features a powerful web interface for desktop and mobile, and can provide on-demand encryption using any email software out there.

One-click encryption is a major highlight with a custom addin available for both Outlook and OWA.

The software boasts powerful policies functionality with custom encryption options like automatic expiration and message destruction.

Corporate Encryption can also auto-detect sensitive information without human intervention. It recognizes patterns like account numbers, SSNs, and DOB. Plus, the service provides even more control with lexicons (keyword matching), and dictionaries.

Talk about advanced, the software also includes a Compliance Officer interface that manages violations of policies on an organizational level, increasing the COs control of sensitive data.

To see all of Corporate Encryption’s features, click here.

The Special Offer

Signup new clients to our Corporate Encryption service, and get the first month free. We’re currently running a special offer to encourage our partners to sell, as well as help boost 2021 revenues altogether. The first month is free with no charges from us, which means partners can make full profit off of the new users.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to submit and support ticket. We would love to help you seal the deal, here are a few protips we have to offer:

Tip #1: Partners can also add a one-time onboarding fee for the added users which would increase the profit even more.

Tip #2: The (general) market price for Encryption ranges from $4 to $10 per user, per month. Selling our service would offer a generous profit per user as we are offering it for under $2.

Tip #3: Access our sales and marketing collateral for Corporate Encryption to help seal the deal. For any questions, please contact us.

Special offer expires 06/30/21   

Email Security

We’ve had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with our top small business partners over the summer as they hold meet & greets / lunch & learns while kids are out of school and staff takes vacations. We got to see firsthand how the features and the problems are both the same as they have always been (budget, buy-in) and completely different in a way that technology solves business problems – cloud compliance, vendor/mobility management. One of the businesses that moved to ExchangeDefender was able to get rid of 7 (seven!!) different vendors involved in email & mobility solutions alone.

   It’s all about the Story.

ExchangeDefender is increasingly becoming the modular security solution that can help service your mobile & security needs end to end. From email hosting to support for everything that entails, from managing mobile devices to assuring their compliance, archiving, business continuity and data management – ExchangeDefender does it all from a single pane of glass. All you have to do is change the way you tell the story.

   Product vs. Service

Typically, small business partners follow the same “vendor” approach to positioning ExchangeDefender “we kill SPAM for a living” and then mention the other nice “bonus” features we offer. While that may work on larger companies with CIOs where a point solution is necessary (or required for redundancy), in small business you need more finesse as you introduce our solution as the Swiss knife for typical SMB problems. Small business decision makers typically aren’t that interested in technology specs, even if they are familiar with the problems, they are looking at the price and at the time this the solution is going to take away.

   So here is what works for us:

We position ExchangeDefender as a service (not even mentioning the cloud) that takes care of keeping junk out of the mailbox, keeping people productive and safe, making sure any outages have a workaround and as needed we also do encryption to protect data automatically and compliance archiving to help meet regulatory requirements and keep fines away – and we build, manage and support 100% of it end to end. In a way, we’re the last security product you need to look at and the only one you need to contact when there is a problem.

Give it a shot – this is fully compliant with the Elevator Pitch™ guerrilla marketing and truly disarms the most common objection in SMB which is “we already have something” – everyone has something, they just don’t know where it is, who does it, how it’s used and what it does – and that’s the biggest selling point of ExchangeDefender. You don’t have a dozen vendors for email, mobile, security, archiving, compliance, encryption, DDoS protection, business continuity, mobile device wipes, etc, etc you get the picture. Instead of going in and trying to sell yourself, you’re going in and looking at ways to save them money “Well, you won’t need to renew this product, or this service, your old firewall won’t have to be upgraded, you now get all the additional features, etc”

In a way, our go to market has been the same as it’s always been – but with the cloud you’re dealing with small businesses with data all over the place and providing security to a mobile organization with decentralized storage is no longer a “security” pitch, it’s a management pitch that gives them back their time.

ExchangeDefender (Beta) production is really picking up steam with the modern codebase and we wanted to launch a line of solutions to problems that have either been a challenge over the years or are expected to become a management issue going forward. One such area is the subject of service accounts that are only used by devices, printers, CRM solutions and notification services. We now have a separate system designed to allow SMTP-notification devices and services to relay through the ExchangeDefender network.

Quick rewind: Long, long ago during the great SMTP vs. UUCP dark ages, message exchange was trusted and trivial. But once it started getting abused by spammers and hackers, each ISP decided to implement their own flavor of SMTP traffic restrictions and regulations to curb the abuse. It became exceedingly difficult to relay mail from a consumer and business-level broadband connection but as more services and devices come online they defaulted to the standard SMTP protocol to send notifications and messages. Unfortunately, because ISPs still have their policies that are constantly shifting, trusted third party SMTP solution is needed but managing it is not something that is viable as a business model.. yet.

Today we are happy to announce that our clients will be able to allow devices and services to relay mail back to themselves using our SMTP relay service.Without having to mess with complex Exchange settings or ISP restrictions. Just create a relay credential, set the SMTP client in the SSL/TLS mode and use a special SMTP server on our network to relay mail via 587 (ISP may still be filtering that port, but that should be easy to fix)

  • New feature is available in the beta portal under Domain Admin > Accounts > IoT Accounts:

  • Just add a new account and you will be prompted for some basic information such as email address and description of the device/service used.

You will notice some important warnings/restrictions about this service (No, you can’t be a spammer or use this in a shared environment where it can be hacked) and that’s literally all you need to get started. It’s really just that simple. Best part? No management, licensing or tools to set up: just the ExchangeDefender SMTP relay network.

This feature is supported (even though it’s beta) and it’s free!

We hope you enjoy this and would welcome suggestions about which features you’d like to see in ExchangeDefender now that you have a better idea of where we’re going with the development of our messaging platform. We’re obviously going to tweak these services as we get a better idea how they are used and how much management they require on our end.

Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our promotion going on, starting March 17th and ending April 17th. We are offering $3.00 off Full Hosted Exchange with an order of 5 mailboxes or more. Just use the code: XDLUCKY16 when ordering your mailboxes. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free emailing us at or calling us at (877) 546-0316.

cw11Thank you to everyone that stopped by our ExchangeDefender booth at ConnectWise IT Nation 2012!! As usual, ConnectWise put on a great event at a beautiful venue with tons of valuable content and social interactions in an atmosphere conducive to learn and further build upon business relationships.  We had a lot of great conversations with some of our existing partners and also meet some potential new partners.

At our booth this year we decided to have a Spin-to-Win wheel and it was a huge success!! We gave away a ton of our services for FREE exclusively to those who gave the wheel a spin and landed on those offerings. In addition to the offers, we also had some big prize winners! See our ExchangeDefender Facebook page for more pictures!

We had a great event, and we look forward to ConnectWise IT Nation 2013!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender

1292833522shopping_1If you want to boost your sales figures or just increase the number of clients you have, here is a quick marketing tip for you to remember: “People buy for their reasons, not yours!”.

Many small business owners make the mistake of selling their services, based on what THEY think matters.  In other words, they look at their products or services and because they know it so well, they assume they ALSO know why each individual prospective client would want to buy it! That is the wrong thought process when it comes to maximizing your marketing efforts and sales profits!

Buying Motives

Focus on Buying Motives!!! Maybe you noticed but in the last paragraph I used the word ‘individual’?  This is mainly because people have their own, individual motivations for making a purchasing decision.  In marketing and sales it is called a buying motive. If you try to sell or market your service to someone based on what you assume will be of most importance to them, you will most likely lose their interest.  However, if you take a moment to discover what matters to your prospective client base, you will know exactly what to focus on.

Discovering the buying motives of your clients and then focusing on what they need will not only increase their interest but also can increase your return rate tenfold!

Here is a quick example to illustrate this thought process.  A few years ago, I was going to get my first smart phone! I visited a local phone store and was instantly greeted by a salesperson.  He asked me how he could help. I proceeded to tell him I was looking to buy a new phone; he then asked me a few simple questions:

· What would I be using the phone for?

· What features and capabilities I wanted?

· Who was my provider?

· Do I have a contract?

· What my budget was?

After giving him my answers, he was able to point me in the direction of a small selection of phones that did exactly what I was looking for.  Then, by answering my questions, we were able to spot a clear winner.  The sale was a success because he discovered my buying motives and focused everything on getting me a phone that fit my needs.  I got a great phone and he made an easy sale! When you look for what a client needs it turns into a win-win situation!

Also, discovering someone’s buying motives always allows you to provide better service to them.  With this example above, at no point did I even feel like I was being sold to.  It felt like he was using his knowledge to advise and direct me rather than sell, so that I could make the right decision based what I needed. 

You can apply this idea to the IT world as well to better cater to the needs of your clients. Many products and services that you have in your solution sets will help clients to fix pain points that they have and you just also need to ask the right questions and offer them the services that they are looking for and see a need for in their businesses.

Upon speaking with a prospective client or customer for the first time, always make sure that your primary focus is to establish what is most important to them and what they are looking for.  If you get it right, people will never feel like you are selling to them, but rather providing them with what they need or fixing a pain point for them.  You will also come across as a professional who is helping them make the best decision possible, based on their needs – not yours!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender


With Q1 in the books we are ready to announce everything we have been working on to make your life easier and business more profitable. Several huge announcements will be made during the webinar so please attend live to ask questions or watch it later at your convenience. To register simply click the link below:

Tuesday, April 24th, Noon EST

Topics that are going to be announced:

Announcing: Managed Messaging

Changes to ExchangeDefender Support

Shockey Monkey Web Site Extender

Shockey Monkey RMM Update

ExchangeDefender 2012 Roadmap

Shockey Monkey 2012 Roadmap

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