August 2021

ExchangeDefender discusses latest new releases for mid year 2021.

This summer has been hot for ExchangeDefender, like really hot. Yes, we do live in sunny Orlando, but we’re raving about our newest releases. We have been focusing on making processes easier for both our partners and our clients. “Keep it simple, stupid.”, has been our motto and we hope that our new releases are a reflection of that mantra. The uncertainty and added stress that the pandemic has caused, is what inspired us to look inside of our company, how we offer our services, and support.

We created a Desktop SPAM manager.

To be fair, we created a desktop application to manage your SPAM about ten years ago. We retired it, and decided that we needed to design a new and improved management system. The ExchangeDefender Desktop SPAM Manager is a multi-platform app that works well with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is designed to provide users SPAM notifications. The manager lets you know when there is SPAM waiting, and allows users a secure way to access, read, reply, and forward messages. Interested in getting desktop notifications? Please open a ticket at, and we’ll send you a link!

We added Starter kits to our Marketing Collateral.

Did you know that we have a special section on our website for Marketing collateral? ( This page features a collection of sales support tools to help our partners sell ExchangeDefender services. We recently designed Starter Kits that provide useful information on our solutions. Whether you are a new partner, or a veteran – Starter Kits contain valuable material that can be shared with prospective clients. If you are an active partner, marketing collateral is available to you for free. You can even get your sales documentation branded with your logo. Simply visit the Marketing page, and submit your request.

We were featured on CBS, FOX, and NBC news.

Recently, ExchangeDefender was showcased on several U.S news outlets for the surge of new partnerships we are experiencing. We believe that the rise of popularity for our partner program has been due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Managed Service Providers, like most other businesses, are searching for ways to lower their costs, and boost their service offerings. Our partner program is free, and has always been free with the confidence that our clients would be able to focus on building their business. ExchangeDefender hopes to build meaningful relationships with MSPs who are seeking to build their business, while keeping IT costs down. To read more about our latest news coverage, please click here.

It’s no secret, we truly believe that partner success is our success. We fully understand that we would have no business, if it weren’t for our frontline of service providers. This may be why ExchangeDefender’s partner program has a satisfaction rating of 98% for both service quality, and technical support.

Today, we’ll explore the top 6 reasons why Partners have expressed their love of our partner program versus other vendor programs.

Our partners love us.

Reason #1 – We’re fast and friendly

When our partners need us, we are there. Our technical support has one the fastest turnarounds in the industry – with just 15-30 mins after initial contact. Yes, that’s real, and we do it on the daily. Of course, some issues are more difficult than others, and require a longer resolution time. However, we are always in communication with our Partners. You can call us, email us, or submit a ticket. We use our own ticketing system called Wrkoo, and we service all support requests through the portal.

Reason #2 – No membership fees

Yes, you read that right. You pay only for what you use. We know that this is uncommon practice these days, but we like to hold true to our humble beginnings. There are no monthly, or yearly fees for being an ExchangeDefender partner. The signup and approval process take about 24-48 hours. New applications must be approved by our team, and after that we’ll get you setup with all the partner program details.

Reason #3 – Comprehensive IT solutions

ExchangeDefender offers a strong portfolio of service offerings that are comprehensive, high-quality, and relevant to today’s challenges. We offer We offer (affordable) gold-standard IT solutions that are proven effective for today’s small business needs. We boast an incredible service uptime of 99.998%. Surely, we experience less technical difficulties than most big-name brands in the tech industry.

Reason #4 – Easy service implementation and management

ExchangeDefender offers turnkey solutions to make deploying them as simple as possible. Our smart solutions are easy to implement, and to manage using our self-service admin console. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to execute our services for your clients. We pride ourselves in having an extensive library full of helpful how-to articles and documentation to help you. Our partners also have access to technical support via our support portal. The ExchangeDefender service portal is available 24/7, and is the main platform for managing and supporting our solutions.  

Reason #5 – Custom sales and marketing collateral

We provide our partners with free branded sales and marketing collateral to help MSPs acquire new clients. We believe that first impressions are crucial to winning business from potential clients. ExchangeDefender Marketing offers the right mix of both digital and print collateral to help you sell better. Our partners have full access to our marketing library that contains updated information on all of our solutions. We are able to customize any sales collateral with the logo and details of the MSP making the request.

Reason #6 – Client support software

Wrkoo is a client support software that is designed and powered by ExchangeDefender. (We actually use the same software every day.) Every partner receives Wrkoo absolutely free. We believe that our clients should not have to pay for support software, especially when managing clients for ExchangeDefender. Once you signup, your account will always be free. Click here to get started with your new Wrkoo support portal.

Finally! We have good news to share with our partners, ExchangeDefender has some goodies for you to take advantage of this month. These opportunities are absolutely free, and are available exclusively to active resellers of our solutions. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements next month for new specials and promotions. As always, we want to thank you for your business, and continuing support!

Goodie #1 – New Official Partner Logo

As we begin to update our partner program with new and exciting features and benefits, we wanted to start with the launch of the new ExchangeDefender ‘Official Partner’ logo. This is a company first, and we are thrilled to offer our current partners, a logo that they can add to their portfolio, and their website with pride. The logo is featured in two colors – light and dark, and are available for download here.

Goodie #2 – Get $5 credit for a positive review

We’re looking for current partners to give us a quick positive review to be used on our website, and social media. You will receive a $5 credit on your next monthly bill. To submit your review, simply create a ticket with Positive Review as the title. (Reviews must be at least 40 words in length.)

Goodie #3 – Sell Encryption, make full profit for 30 days!

We’re offering 30-day free trials for partners who have prospective clients looking for an encryption software for business. Sign up a new client, get first month absolutely free. This promotion is valid for one month worth of full profits made exclusively using Corporate Encryption To learn more about ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption, click here.

Yes – it’s true! ExchangeDefender has recently been featured on several U.S news outlets on the surge of new partners we’ve been experiencing since the covid-19 pandemic. Discover what was showcased below, and to experience the actual news coverage, please click here.

Cybersecurity firm, ExchangeDefender gets surge of new partners

Managed Service Providers seek to lower costs, and broaden IT service offerings

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / — Orlando-based cybersecurity firm, ExchangeDefender has been experiencing a surge of new partnerships with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across the United States. The security company has been servicing clients via channel partners for 22 years, and currently empowers 3,000+ partners worldwide. The ExchangeDefender partner program is unique in the competitive IT industry because it is absolutely free – there are no sign-up fees, or licensing fees for qualifying MSPs.

The rapid increase of MSPs comes as a result of the firm’s no-money down partner program that boasts award-winning cloud technologies in security, compliance, and business continuity. Managed service providers are able to apply for the partner program within minutes, get approved within 24 hours, and get full access to ExchangeDefender solutions – all with no upfront costs required.

“We knew that getting back to normal business was going to be extremely challenging after COVID, and we wanted ExchangeDefender to be the affordable option for MSPs to be able to lower their costs, while maintaining high quality IT solutions for their clients.” Vlad Mazek, ExchangeDefender CEO

Post-pandemic will prove to be difficult for businesses to regain traction, and profitability. We hope to build meaningful partnerships with MSPs who are looking to grow their business, while minimizing unnecessary IT costs that they normally incur with much larger providers.

About ExchangeDefender

ExchangeDefender is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in email security, compliance, and business continuity solutions. ExchangeDefender has been providing IT solutions via managed service providers around the world since 1998.

For more information on ExchangeDefender, or to join the ExchangeDefender partner program, please visit our website to apply now!