Industry-leading encryption software with flexible
multichannel delivery via email, text message, or web url.


Protect your organization from getting hacked by email.

Email-borne attacks disrupt business operations, cause loss in revenue, and compromise brand reputation. ExchangeDefender protects you by providing end-to-end email protection using powerful multi-layered technologies built to keep your employees and your data safe.

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Meet all of your email security and compliance needs in minutes.

Discover the enterprise suite, comprehensive email security and compliance via an integrated, cloud-based system.

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Achieve email resiliency with ExchangeDefender

We keep your emails safe, and your employees safer. To increase your organization’s resistance against cyber-threats, start with powerful email security, add web security and data protection, and to ensure that you always have access to email even during service disruptions, our email outage protection.

Email Security

We protect you against email-borne threats.

Approximately 90% of all cyber threats originate from email. Advanced email protection goes beyond the average spam and virus filtering service. ExchangeDefender’s powerful email security suite offers a multi-level protection against email-borne attacks, and its advanced threat protection features help defend employees against threats hidden in emails, attachments, and links.

Corporate Encryption

We make sure that you can share sensitive information securely.

ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption provides an easy and seamless way for organizations of all sizes to implement content protection and comprehensive control over information being shared in and outside the company. Our solution integrates easily with Office 365, on-premise Exchange, and G-Suite for Business.

Compliance Archive

We help you meet email compliance requirements for HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, IRS, SEC and more.

Keep business emails securely stored, with tamper-proof email archiving. ExchangeDefender Compliance Archiving provides encrypted, long-term storage, and email recovery. Our smart system ensures that none of your messages have ever been tampered with, deleted or otherwise modified.

Live Archive

We make sure you have 24/7 access to email, even during an O365 service outage.

ExchangeDefender’s Live Email Archive provides organizations the ability to access their emails via the cloud even when network outages happen. We offer our clients the assurance of being able to send, and receive email communications even when they are experiencing in-house IT downtime.

We have the right solution for you.

There is a solution for your organization, no matter the industry. Cyber-crime does not discriminate, it simply goes after easy targets.
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Success Stories

With ExchangeDefender LiveArchive feature we were able to help our clients continue business as usual even though the power was out due to a winter storm. The ability to have each user access their email via the web using alternate Internet access allowed them to respond to email and support their customers without interruption.

Richard Kenyon HL Tech Solutions

We've been on the hosted exchange for about a year, now. It's been nice to not worry about our own server's health, status, or management. Plus, switching devices and moving from computer to computer has been super easy. I don't think I would go back to running my own mail server.

David Burton nXs Technology

Exchange Hosting and thesimplicity of setting everythingup has been great for thehandful of clients that I have on it. Keep up the good work.

Abhishek Kuril Linked IT Solutions

We had a prospective client about ready to pay separately for a web/file sharing solution. We were able to use the Web Share feature in ExchangeDefender as a selling point and a cost savings. Web Share definitely helped us close the deal.

Wyn Bryant Vista IT Solutions

We have several clients depending on ExchangeDefender for their Exchange email and spam filtering services. The service is very reliable and comprehensive. ExchangeDefender is an excellent and cost-effective solution for small and mid-sized organizations looking to outsource their IT services.

Jeff Beller Skoda Minotti

I have been using ExchangeDefender for the past 3 years. During that time I have saved my customers about 60 hours of downtime, and blocked more than 100,000 spam messages. I have not had a single client stop using ExchangeDefender for any reason, their support and ease of use makes it a no brainer for me and my small business clients.

Evan Fannin 941 Networks

ExchangeDefender services are reliable, cost effective, and the support is faster than the speed of light! Our clients are pleased and the continuity of operations provided during all the natural disasters and service interruptions to their offices have given us all a new appreciation of ExchangeDefender in the cloud.

Ed Becker BeckITSystems, Inc

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