Partner reviews wanted, get $5 credit

Partner reviews wanted, get $5 credit

ExchangeDefender is looking for current partners who are enjoying their partnership with us. For those whom are willing to submit a positive review, we are offering a $5 credit on your next monthly service bill.

How we’ll use your review

Your reviews would be used for internal and public use. On the inside, we’ll be using your experiences to better shape our partner program. Hearing thoughts coming directly from our active service providers is golden for us. In terms of public use, we would like to use your reviews, along with your MSP company name on our website and social media.

Interested? Here’s what we’ll need:

– at least 45 words in length
– add Company name
– add # years you’ve been with us (estimates are cool too)
– submit a ticket inside our support portal with title “Positive Review”
– Add the review inside the ticket, and Send!

Once we’ve received your review, you will receive a response to your ticket with a “thank you” and confirmation of the $5 dollars being credited to your account. You will see the credit on the following month’s invoice.

We work hard each day to bring you the best service possible. We’d like to thank you in advance for taking the time to leave us a few kind words.