‘Starter Kits’ ready to help new MSPs speed up onboarding

‘Starter Kits’ ready to help new MSPs speed up onboarding

The average sales process for B2B contains seven steps – from prospecting and targeting, to presenting services, to finally landing the sale. Here at ExchangeDefender, we completely understand how tricky the sales process can be. We created Starter Kits for each of our solutions to help our new partners get started as quick as possible. As part of our onboarding, we offer every MSP partner access to our complimentary starter guides available to view or download at any time.

What is a Starter Kit?

A starter kit includes useful information about the company, and their products and services. This guide provides a quick snapshot on a particular ExchangeDefender service, and provides helpful tidbits on how to sell the solution to clients.

Your starter kit will help you understand how a service works — including summaries of its main features, and real benefits to the client. It also offers useful insight on how to identify customers that are ready for our services. How? It provides client profile data, and offers advice on what to look for with your prospective clients. ExchangeDefender has gathered this sales data over many years of business, and has identified the main selling factors to help our partners sell easier.  

Benefits of Using a Starter Kit

There are many benefits to using a starter kit to help speed up the onboarding process with ExchangeDefender. We think of our starter kits as sales enablement guides that give MSPs the right information, at the right time to help conquer opportunities with new clients.  We hope to create a sense of confidence for our partners by providing helpful links to important details about ExchangeDefender services. Managed service providers will get key facts, learn about the real-world benefits of our solutions, and be able to understand selling opportunities that are available. The kit also includes technical information on each service to prepare partners to deploy ExchangeDefender for new customers.

Where to Access

We provide easy access to ExchangeDefender Starter Kits. Simply visit our Marketing page made exclusively for Partners. There, you can access marketing documents designed to help you seal the deal with the option to instantly download them. As a registered MSP, you can request to have ExchangeDefender marketing collateral branded with your own company logo for free. You can submit your request by completing the mini form at the bottom of the page – simply select the collateral you would like branded, and upload your logo.

To access ExchangeDefender Starter Kits, please click here.