August 2014


My primary role as the Partner Communication Manager is to work with our partners on a day-to-day basis.  It is my job to ensure that all of our partners are up to date on everything that we do and to be available for any sales or billing related issues. As the Partner Communications Manager I am your number one source on anything not related to support or development. If you need to have a conversation about any of our products, need marketing collateral, have a billing question, or just need general information, I’m the person to contact. You can even talk to me in person at the shows! J

Working with us

If you are in need of marketing collateral, have questions about your account or need to talk about a prospect you can contact me directly at: or 877-546-0316 x 739.

Help us help you

When it comes to marketing collateral the typical turnaround time is 48 hours, but can be 72 hours if we are receiving a high volume of requests. Once I receive your request I will email you letting you know I have received it and request any additional information I may need.

Sales Inquiries:

When speaking to our partners I’m often asked to provide a quote for a prospective client. Often times the only bit of information I get is the price quote. This is great and it’s a start but I need more.  Not only does having all the info help me, but it helps you. It allows me to be more effective in giving you a comparable quote. From speaking to our Partners I know the end user is very price conscious, but they typically do not fully understand what they are getting with an uber cheap mailbox. Then when something breaks and your client *thinks* they are paying for a backup you’re the one cleaning up the mess and end up losing money on something you didn’t even sell to them. Point being, details are key!

We are here for you

Here at ExchangeDefender we want to make sure we meet all of your needs. If you’re not utilizing us to the full extent, then you’re overpaying us. I’m here to help with anything business related, including marketing collateral and billing questions, so utilize your resources!

The responsibilities of my position are fluid. They fluctuate between managing the personnel and technology needs of the company. My responsibilities can include at least the following:

  • Feature Request Reviews – Analyzing feasibility and ROI.
  • Staffing Decisions – Anything from time off requests, to hiring, to terminations and everything in between.
  • Disaster Management – When something really bad happens, I get to make the tough decisions.
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Trade Show Roster Management
  • And when my engineers are unable to solve an issue, I become the defacto Linux and network administrator.

If you need to escalate an issue, always reach out to Frankie Guiliano first since hes my support manager. Generally that means he has a faster pulse to current issue and may be able to resolve your issues faster. If you’re unable to reach a resolution you can email me. Now I only make one request, link me to your ticket that includes diagnostic information. This will allow me to trace the issue technically or if it’s a situation involving one of my employees.

Once I get an email, the first thing I do is go through the ticket since it allows me to review the details of the actual problem myself. I think we can all agree that once we’re frustrated with a situation our judgment becomes cloudy and we get short sighted, it’s human. So I like try to gain a non-angry perspective from the facts available, which I like to assume are part of the ticket. From there, I have to decide how to remedy the situation, which may include: making platform changes, employee reprimands, saying something close to “no” in as few situations as possible.

If you’re running into a situation with our platform that you’re finding falling short, please let me know. Some changes take more time than others, but I can assure you that I will look into the changes and if they’re workable, I’m willing to make them. One of the things that I offer as a differentiation point when I speak with folks, we will always to fit what your needs are for your clients.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Here at ExchangeDefender we have a wide range of products and service offerings. With close to seven years with ExchangeDefender, I’ve designed and written a majority of the software that is offered as a part of continuously growing platform. This includes several of our key systems such as: Encryption, Compliance Archive, Web Sharing, LocalCloud and even our service ordering & account provisioning! The only areas that I don’t touch directly are mobile applications, we have additional developers who designs and tackles any issues that may arise on our mobile platforms.

Throughout the course of the day I find myself working on various bugs and communicating with our team to ensure that bugs and new feature requests are considered and placed within our internal development pipeline. Recently I’ve been going through our old documentation and working on updating that with fresh information detailing step, by step how to use our products.

Keep in mind that it takes a while to develop and test fixes to assure they don’t introduce other problems. There are no quick fixes or features, everything we implement needs to work well across web, desktop and mobile devices and our support staff needs to be trained and alerted of these upcoming features.  So if you have a bug or feature request that is absolutely something that we must fix and/or implement, we would love to hear about it! However, due to my schedule and workload I’m typically a very hard person to reach. So first open a ticket in our portal, our highly trained technicians will review your ticket and possibly collect further information. After which, they will then escalate the ticket into a bug or feature request. Once in this section, it will be reviewed every Friday to see just how we can make our services even better!

Here at ExchangeDefender we want to help you fill your services portfolio with everything your client needs to operate their business successfully. We strive every day to be the absolute best for all of your service needs. So please (I cannot stress this enough) if you think we are falling short due to a software glitch or missing feature, let us know!


The primary objective for the support staff at ExchangeDefender is to be cordial to partners while resolving support tickets within our SLA. Other duties include escalating issues to higher tier support members and notifying our engineers of any alerts that may be going off.

Support Issues

We make our support staff available on the phones 24/7. The phone may sometimes be the best way to describe a problem, however, the first step is to open a ticket.  The most efficient way to get your issue resolved is through a ticket in our support portal. The support portal allows you to provide a more detailed description of the problem, including the ability to attach screen shots and provide verbose logging. It is more manageable to review a NDR as an attachment than have someone read you the headers over the phone! The portal also  protects you and your clients from social engineering, as it requires a password to access.

A support ticket sounds great but I have an urgent issue and I need to call someone immediately to get it resolved!

You can skip Tier I support by opening an urgent ticket in our portal. An urgent ticket goes to the top of the support queue and our Tier II/III support staff is directly alerted of the issue. Please keep in mind that because our staff is alerted to be sure the issue warrants the priority as you may incur an hourly fee or opening an urgent ticket for a non-urgent issue.

Help us Help you

The more precise details you can provide us the quicker we’ll be able to resolve  issues. This includes, but not limited to, screen shots, verbose logging, how to replicate the issue you are having, and the troubleshooting steps you have already taking. Once a support request is opened you will be promptly greeted by our friendly support staff.  Based on the material provided we will do our finest to resolve your issue in a timely fashion.

Putting it all together

We are here to help you. Everything our support staff does is to make our partnership with you stronger. We strive to provide outstanding support so you can count on us for all of your email needs. For any feedback or concerns about support please let us know at Support Feedback

In today’s business world mobility is dominating every industry vertical.  This boom in market share puts your customer’s ability to contact your company at unprecedented levels. However, if your company is not equipped to meet those demands you’re likely to leave your customer with unmet expectations.

This is where the ExchangeDefender Business Communicator comes into play. On the surface it appears to just allow your team the ability to manage their SPAM quarantine, but once you look beyond the black and white feature set there’s so much more. Now your team has a tool that, alongside with their Hosted Exchange Active Sync, has full access to the all the business tools they would need for conducting business on the go.

One of the major cost saving trends in the SMB community and even to some customer facing enterprises is the home office.  Our mobile platform allows those business tools that generally run on your desktop to now be accessible wherever you need them to be.  Email security software has been in existence for two reasons.  To keep your networks safe and to maximize productivity by avoiding sifting through SPAM all day long. However, no system is 100 percent accurate at flagging SPAM correctly. This is why quarantines exist as every now and then you may need to look for a message or two in your quarantine.  Some methods require you to log on to a portal or review an email report. These methods are not designed for mobility. Their short comings are based on rendering size, requiring credentials, and navigation limitations. When you’re on the move, you need a mobile app that gives you the ability to:

  • Release a message or trust a sender with a single swipe
  • Preview messages within your mobile device before releasing

Beyond the basic operations of SPAM management there are two major components you want available to you employees: data leakage protection and business continuity. If a message contains private information your compliance department will be happy to know that your team doesn’t need to be logged into Outlook on their desktop to encrypt a message. But most importantly you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if your mail server (or provider) ever goes offline that your team will have working internet email only one tap away!

Our mobile platforms unrivaled ability to deliver increased productivity, security, data leakage protection, and business continuity is the solution your company can’t be without.