What the Chief of Operations does at ExchangeDefender

What the Chief of Operations does at ExchangeDefender

The responsibilities of my position are fluid. They fluctuate between managing the personnel and technology needs of the company. My responsibilities can include at least the following:

  • Feature Request Reviews – Analyzing feasibility and ROI.
  • Staffing Decisions – Anything from time off requests, to hiring, to terminations and everything in between.
  • Disaster Management – When something really bad happens, I get to make the tough decisions.
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Trade Show Roster Management
  • And when my engineers are unable to solve an issue, I become the defacto Linux and network administrator.

If you need to escalate an issue, always reach out to Frankie Guiliano first since hes my support manager. Generally that means he has a faster pulse to current issue and may be able to resolve your issues faster. If you’re unable to reach a resolution you can email me. Now I only make one request, link me to your ticket that includes diagnostic information. This will allow me to trace the issue technically or if it’s a situation involving one of my employees.

Once I get an email, the first thing I do is go through the ticket since it allows me to review the details of the actual problem myself. I think we can all agree that once we’re frustrated with a situation our judgment becomes cloudy and we get short sighted, it’s human. So I like try to gain a non-angry perspective from the facts available, which I like to assume are part of the ticket. From there, I have to decide how to remedy the situation, which may include: making platform changes, employee reprimands, saying something close to “no” in as few situations as possible.

If you’re running into a situation with our platform that you’re finding falling short, please let me know. Some changes take more time than others, but I can assure you that I will look into the changes and if they’re workable, I’m willing to make them. One of the things that I offer as a differentiation point when I speak with folks, we will always to fit what your needs are for your clients.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at carlos@ownwebnow.com.