5 reasons why MSPs use our support software Wrkoo

5 reasons why MSPs use our support software Wrkoo

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In our fast-pace world full of technology, customers want you to deliver impeccable customer service online. To make things even more pressing, the modern consumer expects immediate response to their support issues or service requests. ExchangeDefender created a client support software called Wrkoo, that helps small businesses manage all of their daily business and support activities in one place. Today, we wanted to share with you the five top reasons why Managed Service Providers are using Wrkoo, over other customer support software on the market.

#1 It’s totally free (save money!)

First, let’s start with the fact that it costs $0 for this software. There are no monthly or yearly costs to using Wrkoo. What’s the catch? There is none, our sole mission is to help other service providers boost their support operations. Customers that are happy with your service, and your support – will be paying customers for a long time.

#2 Solve problems faster

Wrkoo enables you to manage all customer interactions and monitor your team activity in real-time on the dashboard. It is equipped with an intuitive ticketing system, advanced security, and is highly customizable to best reflect your brand. The seamless platform is able to process a high number of support requests without having to increase staffing levels, or the cost of support. Wrkoo offers you the luxury of staying up-to-date of what’s happening with support by using an online dashboard that is accessible from anywhere. Ultimately, it provides all the right tools to quickly resolve your support inquiries, while being budget friendly.

#3 24/7 Access from anywhere

Manage your employees, and get work done together from anywhere. Wrkoo consistently keeps pace with the increasingly ever-changing environment. Our mission is to help organizations communicate safely, securely and get their work done, quicker. Full access to the support portal empowers businesses to minimize communication hiccups, one agent at a time. 

#4 Promotes Easy Communication

Wrkoo enables the ability to communicate company information with individual clients, and employees all at one time. For example, the Announcements tool manages company communication in seconds. It promotes interactions between your company and customers. Everyone is up-to-date on service announcements. Its’ super easy to create an announcement while inside the portal. Simply select the ‘Announcements’ tab in your sidebar, then click on the ‘create new’ button.

#5 Real-time, real reporting

Like a Big Brother, Wrkoo tracks every action from every employee every day.  Reporting equals transparency and accountability – two critical components of every successful business. For every support request submitted, each employee gets an email and desktop notification. All interactions between your company and your client reside within the portal are automatically saved. Ticket activity logs are available to view every agent and system activity. Wrkoo’s time-tracking feature keeps track of the time spent by agents per ticket. Even more, the Punch Clock feature logs when employees’ clock in and out for work by using the punch clock tool.

Wrkoo aims to empower managed service providers by creating a secure, central location to manage business and support activities. More importantly, we want to save MSPs money by offering a support software absolutely free of charge.

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