What I do as the Partner Communications Manager at ExchangeDefender

What I do as the Partner Communications Manager at ExchangeDefender


My primary role as the Partner Communication Manager is to work with our partners on a day-to-day basis.  It is my job to ensure that all of our partners are up to date on everything that we do and to be available for any sales or billing related issues. As the Partner Communications Manager I am your number one source on anything not related to support or development. If you need to have a conversation about any of our products, need marketing collateral, have a billing question, or just need general information, I’m the person to contact. You can even talk to me in person at the shows! J

Working with us

If you are in need of marketing collateral, have questions about your account or need to talk about a prospect you can contact me directly at: anastaisa@ownwebnow.com or 877-546-0316 x 739.

Help us help you

When it comes to marketing collateral the typical turnaround time is 48 hours, but can be 72 hours if we are receiving a high volume of requests. Once I receive your request I will email you letting you know I have received it and request any additional information I may need.

Sales Inquiries:

When speaking to our partners I’m often asked to provide a quote for a prospective client. Often times the only bit of information I get is the price quote. This is great and it’s a start but I need more.  Not only does having all the info help me, but it helps you. It allows me to be more effective in giving you a comparable quote. From speaking to our Partners I know the end user is very price conscious, but they typically do not fully understand what they are getting with an uber cheap mailbox. Then when something breaks and your client *thinks* they are paying for a backup you’re the one cleaning up the mess and end up losing money on something you didn’t even sell to them. Point being, details are key!

We are here for you

Here at ExchangeDefender we want to make sure we meet all of your needs. If you’re not utilizing us to the full extent, then you’re overpaying us. I’m here to help with anything business related, including marketing collateral and billing questions, so utilize your resources!