What support does at ExchangeDefender

What support does at ExchangeDefender


The primary objective for the support staff at ExchangeDefender is to be cordial to partners while resolving support tickets within our SLA. Other duties include escalating issues to higher tier support members and notifying our engineers of any alerts that may be going off.

Support Issues

We make our support staff available on the phones 24/7. The phone may sometimes be the best way to describe a problem, however, the first step is to open a ticket.  The most efficient way to get your issue resolved is through a ticket in our support portal. The support portal allows you to provide a more detailed description of the problem, including the ability to attach screen shots and provide verbose logging. It is more manageable to review a NDR as an attachment than have someone read you the headers over the phone! The portal also  protects you and your clients from social engineering, as it requires a password to access.

A support ticket sounds great but I have an urgent issue and I need to call someone immediately to get it resolved!

You can skip Tier I support by opening an urgent ticket in our portal. An urgent ticket goes to the top of the support queue and our Tier II/III support staff is directly alerted of the issue. Please keep in mind that because our staff is alerted to be sure the issue warrants the priority as you may incur an hourly fee or opening an urgent ticket for a non-urgent issue.

Help us Help you

The more precise details you can provide us the quicker we’ll be able to resolve  issues. This includes, but not limited to, screen shots, verbose logging, how to replicate the issue you are having, and the troubleshooting steps you have already taking. Once a support request is opened you will be promptly greeted by our friendly support staff.  Based on the material provided we will do our finest to resolve your issue in a timely fashion.

Putting it all together

We are here to help you. Everything our support staff does is to make our partnership with you stronger. We strive to provide outstanding support so you can count on us for all of your email needs. For any feedback or concerns about support please let us know at Support Feedback