Why should a business owner use our XD mobile platform.

Why should a business owner use our XD mobile platform.

In today’s business world mobility is dominating every industry vertical.  This boom in market share puts your customer’s ability to contact your company at unprecedented levels. However, if your company is not equipped to meet those demands you’re likely to leave your customer with unmet expectations.

This is where the ExchangeDefender Business Communicator comes into play. On the surface it appears to just allow your team the ability to manage their SPAM quarantine, but once you look beyond the black and white feature set there’s so much more. Now your team has a tool that, alongside with their Hosted Exchange Active Sync, has full access to the all the business tools they would need for conducting business on the go.

One of the major cost saving trends in the SMB community and even to some customer facing enterprises is the home office.  Our mobile platform allows those business tools that generally run on your desktop to now be accessible wherever you need them to be.  Email security software has been in existence for two reasons.  To keep your networks safe and to maximize productivity by avoiding sifting through SPAM all day long. However, no system is 100 percent accurate at flagging SPAM correctly. This is why quarantines exist as every now and then you may need to look for a message or two in your quarantine.  Some methods require you to log on to a portal or review an email report. These methods are not designed for mobility. Their short comings are based on rendering size, requiring credentials, and navigation limitations. When you’re on the move, you need a mobile app that gives you the ability to:

  • Release a message or trust a sender with a single swipe
  • Preview messages within your mobile device before releasing

Beyond the basic operations of SPAM management there are two major components you want available to you employees: data leakage protection and business continuity. If a message contains private information your compliance department will be happy to know that your team doesn’t need to be logged into Outlook on their desktop to encrypt a message. But most importantly you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if your mail server (or provider) ever goes offline that your team will have working internet email only one tap away!

Our mobile platforms unrivaled ability to deliver increased productivity, security, data leakage protection, and business continuity is the solution your company can’t be without.