Announcement: ExchangeDefender Service Checker

Announcement: ExchangeDefender Service Checker

ExchangeDefender Service Checker enables our clients to quickly tell if there are any technical issues related to email delivery, mail flow, or their hosted Exchange mailbox.

ExchangeDefender services are increasingly managed by non-technical users and the process of escalating technical questions is unnecessary in our new self-service world. ExchangeDefender Service Checker is available to assist users pinpoint what the issue is and points users to the documentation on how to further troubleshoot or resolve it.

ExchangeDefender Domain (DNS) Records – We make sure your domain name is registered (clients sometimes forget to renew and only notice that their email isn’t working), that all the required DNS records for MX, SPF, and DKIM are properly configured.

ExchangeDefender Mail Flow – Checker attempts to deliver a sample message, checking that we can connect to your mail server, get the welcome banner, and start SMTP conversation.

ExchangeDefender Exchange Mailbox – Checker will verify your credentials and make sure your username and password are correct. From there, a sample Outlook instance will attempt to connect to the target Exchange environment and open the mailbox.

We’re hoping that these service check tools will help our partners and clients quickly diagnose a problem with their email. Truthfully, nearly half of our support requests are answered by pointing back to the documentation. Our ExchangeDefender Checker tool will help pinpoint the problem and point the user in the right direction to help fix the issue. As always, please stay tuned to that is managed by ExchangeDefender NOC and advises when there are service interruptions.