Webinar Highlights: 2021 Agenda and SMS Proxy Release

Webinar Highlights: 2021 Agenda and SMS Proxy Release

ExchangeDefender April 2021 webinar aired 4/21/21

The latest webinar (4/21) with our partners featured our upcoming new features for ExchangeDefender, as well as showing a live showcase of our newest release – SMS Proxy. The buzzing one-hour presentation was well received by 100+ attendees with the Q&A session lasting more than 30 minutes.

2021: New Feature rollouts

We have an exciting timeline of new features that are currently in beta, and will be released for official use in the upcoming weeks. The new ‘solutions’ are based on client requests, and partner feedback:

Infected Attachments – ExchangeDefender now allows domain admin to retrieve infected attachments on behalf of users. Designed to allow users to have direct access to infected attachments.  If users are frequently receiving files that violate the overall company policy, but retrieval is time consuming, this can help.

Charset and Alphabet Blocking – ExchangeDefender can block specific character sets which is helpful when blocking messages for clients that only communicate with locals.  This is great for organizations that never want to see a foreign alphabet, helps with SPAM filtering for visual purposes and messages that violate policy end up in SPAM.

Bulk Mailer Policies– Mail policies for large mass mailer networks, can be used primarily for bulk/automated email and mail notifications.  Users’ options are scan, allow and block.  The “allow” policy is not/not recommended, but will simplify whitelisting.

Secure Web form– The Secure web form enables your clients to securely send you messages and documents, fully encrypted!  No design maintenance or installation and works everywhere.

SMS Proxy

You’ve most likely heard about our latest release, SMS Proxy – through our blog, Facebook, or inside the portals. SMS Proxy is a virtual phone number service that connects SMS to up to 5 cell phones, email, Slack and Teams channels. Think of it as a central notification or alert service that uses mobile text messaging as the means of communication.

Why use SMS Proxy over other text messaging platforms?

1 – Compliance and policy-driven way to deliver incoming SMS messages

2 – Managed service that delivers, manages, and supports the entire message cycle

3 – Affordable. More predictable and more reliable and more secure

4 – New Security – New suite of policies for unique business solutions

You can sign up for SMS Proxy right now for free. Simply sign into the ExchangeDefender Support portal > go to Service Manager > pick a number > and tell us where to send the text messages.