Frequently asked questions about SMS Proxy

Frequently asked questions about SMS Proxy

Frequently asked questions about ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy.

ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy is our latest product release for 2021. It is a simple text forwarding service that can relay messages to other mobile phones, emails, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

TXT Forwarding from ExchangeDefender enables you to share a number – with your team, your family, your entire department – so when all these sites and services need to send you something to your phone to confirm your identity, you don’t have to think about whose phone was used to enroll to the service.

Today, we want to share with you the most common questions to date that we are asked about SMS Proxy. Hopefully, it will answer any inquiries that you may have when considering to use our SMS forwarding service.

1 – How many SMS recipients can I forward the message to?

You can forward SMS to up to five (5) different mobile phone numbers.

2 – Can I have multiple numbers in the same account?

Yes, there is no limit to how many numbers you have for the same account. There is even a Display Name label for each so you can tell which person, team, or promotion it’s assigned to.

3 – Can staff reply to the copied text message from their phone?

No. Your virtual SMS number is similar to a group chat where everyone receives the message. The difference is that SMS Proxy is a one-way communication method, and recipients are unable to reply to the message.

4 – Can my number receive “shortcode” messages?

Yes. You’ll need to contact us via the support portal to have this feature enabled. (It is still in beta)

5 – How do I create a webhook for Microsoft Teams?

To create a Webhook url for Microsoft Teams, please follow the guidelines from Microsoft documentation.

6 – How do I create a webhook for Slack?

To create a Webhook url for Slack, please follow the guidelines outlined in Slack documentation.

7 – How do I terminate the service?

You can terminate the service of any number at any time by visiting our Support Portal . After logging in, please click: Service Manager > SMS Proxy > Manage (pick a number) > Terminate number.

Interested in using SMS Proxy for your business? Request a quote. (It’s super affordable.)