October 2023

On December 31st, our current version of LiveArchive will be decommissioned. Inbox, a business continuity solution we launched last year, has already taken the workload of LiveArchive and it does the job better, faster, with fewer clicks.

LiveArchive served our client base well for over a decade and we’re thankful for all the disasters it’s saved us and our clients from. Now that we’re looking at 2024 and beyond, LiveArchive must solve new problems. For starters, most email is no longer hosted on low-grade hardware in SMB offices managed by part-time hobbyist IT: It’s now professionally managed in high-end data centers. The primary concern is no longer “What if my T1 Internet connection goes down?”; “BACKUPS ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY” and keeping all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

COVID and the work-from-home era have only exacerbated the problem of how quickly (if at all) you’ll get your email back when the disaster occurs. Cloud operators are vague in their data protection statements and there is no way to audit it. Backup tools and services similarly offer few guarantees and the supply chain attacks have only gotten more prominent.

New LiveArchive Migration Service

New LiveArchive is designed to help solve the 3 problems clients have with protecting cloud email:

1. We don’t have any room in our IT budget (and need to save $)
2. If we get compromised our backups will get cryptolocked too
3. We have to protect and backup our email

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive.next webinar on November 8th, 2023 covered exactly how the next version of LiveArchive is going to help you solve all of these problems.

Furthermore, we announced a LiveArchive Migration Service for our clients who wish to have the LiveArchive data ported to the new LiveArchive. Because LiveArchive is IMAP based we can pull existing LiveArchive data into the new version. We can use the same IMAP process to bring over mailboxes hosted on any other IMAP accessible (M365, Office365, Gmail, Exchange, and virtually every legacy email service).

In order to get your data migrated all you have to do is configure your new LiveArchive service and put your ticket request in by December 1st, 2023. We take care of everything else and to reward our loyal clients over the years the service will be provided free of charge (est $499 value).

As you’ve read/heard we’re expanding our LiveArchive offering to include unlimited backups of email (external + inter-domain/office) powered by an affordable and flexible S3 object storage. We’re nearing completion of the deployment with our enterprise and managed clients and are starting to schedule rollouts for our MSP and SMB clients in November.

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive will enable you to provide long-term archiving and email backup. It may surprise you that none of the email hosting operations includes a backup – so if your mailbox gets accidentally deleted, if you suffer a crypto locker or similar compromise, if you have a malicious actor internally, or if you get hacked – all your data is at risk. The vendor will quickly point you to their terms of service that tell you data backups are your responsibility. LiveArchive has traditionally been the “backup of last resorts” to many of our clients who trusted their vendor for backups or used a local NTFS backup facility.

To thank our partners and clients for their business, we’re including this in our offering free of charge but you must deploy it in 2023. This type of service starts around $3-5/month/mailbox for MSP resellers with a big volume discount so if you’re currently backing up your Exchange or Office365 / M365 or Gmail you’ll be able to save your clients ~$30-60/mailbox every year!

We want to make our partners look good with this new service and invest in a free rollout service for LiveArchive. Every Office365 client we demoed this service to has signed up for it and we fully intend to charge for new domains after January 1st so if you want to grandfather this offering for free and make some $ during a tough economic cycle, we’re here for you:

LiveArchive Orientation Webinar
November 8th, 2023, 12PM EST
To sign up,

Webinar attendance is required in order to get LiveArchive deployment and support, if you cannot make it to the event don’t worry the recording will be available shortly after the event ends. Please keep in mind this offering has had enormous interest from our partners in particular (again, you’ll be able to save your clients $30-60/user/year). Please do not delay as we fully expect to book our 2023 deployment calendar by mid-November. To get ready, launch a Minio instance or set up a free Amazon S3 account and confirm they are accessible from the Internet. We look forward to seeing you on November 8th, sign up today!