ExchangeDefender gets featured on CBS, NBC, and Fox news

ExchangeDefender gets featured on CBS, NBC, and Fox news

Yes – it’s true! ExchangeDefender has recently been featured on several U.S news outlets on the surge of new partners we’ve been experiencing since the covid-19 pandemic. Discover what was showcased below, and to experience the actual news coverage, please click here.

Cybersecurity firm, ExchangeDefender gets surge of new partners

Managed Service Providers seek to lower costs, and broaden IT service offerings

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / — Orlando-based cybersecurity firm, ExchangeDefender has been experiencing a surge of new partnerships with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across the United States. The security company has been servicing clients via channel partners for 22 years, and currently empowers 3,000+ partners worldwide. The ExchangeDefender partner program is unique in the competitive IT industry because it is absolutely free – there are no sign-up fees, or licensing fees for qualifying MSPs.

The rapid increase of MSPs comes as a result of the firm’s no-money down partner program that boasts award-winning cloud technologies in security, compliance, and business continuity. Managed service providers are able to apply for the partner program within minutes, get approved within 24 hours, and get full access to ExchangeDefender solutions – all with no upfront costs required.

“We knew that getting back to normal business was going to be extremely challenging after COVID, and we wanted ExchangeDefender to be the affordable option for MSPs to be able to lower their costs, while maintaining high quality IT solutions for their clients.” Vlad Mazek, ExchangeDefender CEO

Post-pandemic will prove to be difficult for businesses to regain traction, and profitability. We hope to build meaningful partnerships with MSPs who are looking to grow their business, while minimizing unnecessary IT costs that they normally incur with much larger providers.

About ExchangeDefender

ExchangeDefender is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in email security, compliance, and business continuity solutions. ExchangeDefender has been providing IT solutions via managed service providers around the world since 1998.

For more information on ExchangeDefender, or to join the ExchangeDefender partner program, please visit our website to apply now!