Live Archive, an email continuity solution for all

Live Archive, an email continuity solution for all

ExchangeDefender Live Archive, an email continuity solution for all.

ExchangeDefender’s Live Archive is becoming the rising star in 2021 after a recent update and redesign. The productivity solution is built to provide businesses uninterrupted access to live and archive email. Live Archive is an enterprise-grade email continuity service that lets you resume work after a service interruption, or other technical malfunction. Side note: Since the pandemic, we have more companies using Live Archive than we ever have before.

The best part of all is that Live Archive is always-on, constantly archiving your sent and received mail for up to one year. No maintenance or management needed in case of an outage. The software is continuously uploading your mail whether your system is up or not.

Live Archive packs some powerful features leading the way for email productivity. Users are able to access their email via the cloud even when outages from Microsoft and Gmail occur. More highlights of the solution include: real-time archiving, one year of storage, and secure online access. Bonus: there is no install or download required to use the service.

The Benefits

The benefits of having an email continuity solution as part of an overall disaster recovery plan are huge! First, users have 24/7 access to their emails now matter where they go, and what service coverage they have. Accessing your emails on-the-go is important to keep businesses running smoothly. Office internet connection down? Working from home or local Starbucks? Server down? With Live Archive, don’t miss a beat

Second, the enjoyment of no outage productivity issues. Organizations have access to all of their recent mail, and can continue working in real time sending, replying to, and forwarding any new email while their infrastructure is down.

Third benefit for sure, is the “no training required”. How is that possible, right? LiveArchive is automatic – go to – login with your current email address and password, and there you’ll see up to one year of your sent and received messages.

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