5 things every MSP website needs in 2021

5 things every MSP website needs in 2021

5 things every MSP website needs in 2021

In 2021, every business should have an online presence via a company website. We all use the internet as the first step to search for the products and services that we are interested in purchasing. What do you call a MSP business without a website? A technical disaster. Today, we have 5 major pro-tips that all MSPs should take into account when having their website. These casual tips will offer major benefits to you, and your prospective customer. Remember, keep it simple.

1 – Keep a secure website, and keep it updated.

We highly encourage that every MSP have their own website that showcases their business, and the services that they offer. Be sure that the website is clean in design, and straight to the point. Take note whether your site is showing as ‘secure’. Keep in mind that user experience is key in landing a new client. It’s great to have your own website, please ensure that the information is current. There is nothing worse than an interested client who contacts you with outdated material in hand.

2 – Market everything you offer on your home page.

Normally, the homepage of your website is the most visited page. It is the first place that the client lands on, and it also determines whether they visit other pages you have to offer. Focus on showcasing all the major services that you offer on your homepage. Keep it clean, and straight to the point to encourage them to explore further, or to give you call for more information. Your future client should be able to look at your homepage and know: who you are, what services you offer, and how to contact you.

3 – Display your contact information on everything!

We mean that, place your contact details on every webpage. When a client is exploring your website, and navigates to a secondary page, you want them to be able to see that there is an option to contact you readily available. What type of contact information should be displayed? Your business name, phone number, and office hours. You can also add your office address if you take clients for appointments. Adding an email address is always great, and a live chat option is even better!

4 – Add affiliate logos to your website

Hear us out on this one, the more credibility you can show your prospective clients, the better! For instance, adding an ExchangeDefender Partner Logo to your homepage displays that you are a certified vendor of our services. It also showcases that you are an expert in your field, that your business is in good standing, and is respected by other businesses. If you have other vendors that you are in partnership with, we suggest adding their logos as well. A visual display of trustworthiness will certainly help convince future clients to work with your business.

5 – Add Pricing, at least an offer a price range.

We know it may be difficult to display pricing for clients, especially because there are a range of factors that are in play. The reality is though, that a client is more likely to pursue the MSP who clearly shows their pricing, or at least provides a general estimate. Why? We naturally think something is more expensive when the price is not displayed. It’s hard to change that consumer mentality, however you can definitely improve your odds by showcasing actual numbers that the customer can relate to.  

How does one accomplish this? Well, you can show your services in packages or a-la-carte, and simply put: starting at (enter $ amount) per user, per month. This quick tactic is a game-changer, because it tells the client whether they can afford your services or not, before actually making contact.