ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption to showcase new feature-heavy upgrade

ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption to showcase new feature-heavy upgrade

ExchangeDefender Encryption is getting it’s second massive upgrade of 2020 – not just because it’s our most popular new product, but because more and more of our clients are starting to leverage it to solve old business communications problems more securely. This is a feature packed upgrade, heavily focused on automation, branding, encryption policies, long term message archiving, and most of all productivity updates.

We have listened to our clients and their challenges in the Covid-19 business interruption era and found that the biggest need is in the area of business productivity. It is no secret that almost all the compliance and encryption services were designed specifically for FINRA, SOX, PCI, and other popular regulatory standards. But what we’ve found out is that most of encrypted email traffic is actually focused on descretely and securely delivering lots of messages as a matter of business process.

It’s the modern version of a notary service, and it must fit the way people interact with email. When it doesn’t, when it’s clunky, when it’s slow, when it requires too many clicks, when it’s authentication is antiquated, when it is too restrictive – ultimately, when it’s not convenient people will not use it. That introduces inefficiency and lowered security standards.When we updated the ExchangeDefender Encryption in April of 2020, we focused on the user experience. We have kicked that up several notches, all based on the client feedback.

Encryption 2020 2.0

Live on Tuesday, September 29th at noon EST

We can’t wait to show it to you.
Features not available from anyone else in the industry.

Please take a moment to come see it. Due to popular demand, I’ll hit all the highlights in the first 15 minutes, and then go into full detail about what this can do. We’ll also be offering free trials and NFR during the event. Because this service doesn’t require the mail flow to go through us (no MX record or hosting/provider changes) it’s super quick and easy to deploy and requires no technical expertise to manage.