ExchangeDefender 9 Launch & Bugfix

ExchangeDefender 9 Launch & Bugfix

ExchangeDefender 9

ExchangeDefender 9 launch has gone very smoothly and in the interest of keeping everyone on top of little bugs that may get reported over the next week we’ll keep this post pinned and updated with new bugs and ongoing fixes. So far all the issues have been minor and addressed within 24 hours of reporting.

PDF Download:  New ExchangeDefender 9 User Guide


Bugfix log – Monday, August 6th

Trusted sender button in Quarantine view. Messages were properly processed and email addresses added to Trusted Senders so future messages would not be categorized as SPAM by ExchangeDefender. Unfortunately, messages were never released from the quarantine and delivered to users Inbox, which is the desired outcome. This bug has been fixed on Monday, Aug 6th.

Multiple message action. New ExchangeDefender quarantine allows you to take an action on multiple messages by checking the checkbox next to the message. Unfortunately, ExchangeDefender did not properly grab all messages, only the first one. This bug has been fixed on Monday, Aug 6th.

Full email address preview in Quarantine view. New ExchangeDefender UI has removed hover functionality from the portal entirely. Vlad/CEO Note: “Sorry guys, it’s 2018. Everything is touch enabled and touch devices have a terrible hover gesture, we’re moving to actually tapping the screen for info”; Due to the volume of complaints, we have added the expansion of the email address to the UI temporarily while we think of a better way to display it. The problem is with SPAM and mailing list companies that mask/forge the sender address and embed it in the From line for tracking and bounce purposes. This makes the From line too long to display in the ExchangeDefender quarantine view so we trim it. You can now hover over the email address and see the full address in your desktop browser. This feature has been added on Monday, Aug 6th.

SPAM quarantine message counter on the dashboard displays all messages, not just new/unreviewed messages. This problem has been resolved and the counters on the dashboard now only show messages that are new and haven’t been previously reviewed. This bug has been fixed on Monday, Aug 6th. There is an outstanding feature request tied to this bugfix to have counters update in realtime.

Authentication fails when logging in to from the SPAM report. This issue has to do with the change of encryption and password security in XD9. This bug has been fixed on Monday, Aug 6th.

Users login is rejected if they used certain special characters. In prior versions of ExchangeDefender, we simply stripped non-alphanumerical characters. With XD9, we use a hashed password so matching the password is only possible when it’s exactly the same as the one we are expecting. We have implemented an authentication workaround on Monday, August 6th.

Domain login failures. ExchangeDefender 9 features a domain administrator account (simply using that gives clients the ability to manage the entire organization centrally. This bug has been fixed on Monday, Aug 6th.

    Bugfix log – Tuesday, August 7th

Quarantine message preview fails. Several bugs have been filed regarding the ExchangeDefender CAMP (Compliance Archive Message Preview engine) and how display was either off or mangled messages. This bug has been fixed on Tuesday, Aug 7th.

SPAM Czar is unable to retrieve dangerous attachments. ExchangeDefender 9 and the underlying security infrastructure does not allow dangerous content, no matter how badly you want it and have a business case scenario to support downloading a virus/malware. In order to reconcile the request with legitimate use, we’ve implemented a temporary workaround. This bug/feature was added on Tuesday, Aug 7th.

PDF Download:  New ExchangeDefender 9 User Guide

CEO’s Note

Every screen in ExchangeDefender 9 features “Give us feedback” link where every user can provide what they would like to see more/less of. As mentioned in countless blog posts and multiple webinars about ExchangeDefender 9, this is the next generation designed for mobile, for touch, for rapid development and flexibility needed to meet modern regulatory compliance requirements. Well over 90% of our features are direct result of client and partner feedback – so please keep it coming. For our part, this has been the smoothest launch we’ve ever had and we’re aggressively fixing bugs while adding new features that make a ton of sense as fast as we can. ExchangeDefender 9 has been in beta since March so our partners have had plenty of time to check it out and familiarize themselves with the new UI but just about every function in the end-user UI is exactly where it was before – so no retaining is needed and so far we’re not getting reports of users not knowing how to get basic stuff done (either directly through our reporting function or indirectly through partner feedback). Huge thanks to our partners and beta testers for making this a smooth launch, we really appreciate it and are thrilled to show you all the new stuff that will be driven by this new, modern, agile platform. I’ve personally been writing ExchangeDefender since 1999 and this is the first release in nearly 20 years to feature 0 lines of code written by me – so at least we got that!