September 2014

This summer has been and will continue to focus on adding more infrastructure for capacity and redundancy purposes. Earlier in July the focus was on rebuild and upgrade for Local Cloud. Due to the success of the platform, we need to make some changes to allow for the deployment multi-site support on the storage hosting/replication side of the software. The changes allowed us to get some new hard ware in place as well.  This upgrade has improved the platform’s stability and growth potential. Once the changes to Local Cloud hardware upgrades were completed, our development team also made numerous changes to the software side of the platform that our VP of Development discusses here.

The second application to receive an upgrade was LiveArchive. One of the nodes for LiveArchive used for new clients needed a storage redesign to improve stability of the environment. The bottom line of LiveArchive is that uptime takes massive priority over the mail storage. We sell this as business continuity and the rebuild focused around that, should we ever encounter a storage issue event, we now have the ability to pretty quickly restore availability of the service, which was not the case previously.

Once that was completed, we worked meticulously with one of more important applications, we moved on to Compliance Archive. We understand the value of this offering and the redundancy requirement for folks to make sure this data is not lost. We spent a good part of the summer adding additional replication live replication procedures. This means that should the live database ever be affected we can immediately fail over to the live replicated copy.

The next month will be dedicated to improving the capacity and performance of our email scanning infrastructure. We will be adding 40% more processing power to our Los Angeles site. This will resolve an issue have been experiencing during extreme peak situations with processing speed. This type of build out is something that will come with no downtime expected.


Over the past few months I’ve taken the time to update several different aspects of our product offerings. The updates and products we decided to implement were prioritized based on bugs & feature requests that had been submitted properly through our internal support portal.

First on the list was our Outlook 2010 & 2013 SMTP Security Add-in, which also applies to the desktop agent. We’ve added several new features, improved performance and fixed a few bugs. Listed below are the enhancements we’ve added based on user feedback.

  • Added the ability to view & manage alias accounts.
  • Added the ability to disable automatic refresh.
  • Added a direct link to the user’s web portal.
  • Fixed a link causing quick links to not work properly.
  • Added version numbers to the settings page.
  • Updated the “Dismiss All” label to “Review All”.
  • Window size & state are now persistent between restarts.
  • Added the ability to resize the window.
  • Added the ability to resize columns.
  • SPAM counts are now listed next to the addresses.
  • Right click menu has been added.
  • We’ve added the ability to trust an entire domain.
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated Publisher Information

We’ve also went through an updated most of the online documentation since we’ve undergone such dramatic changes throughout the years. New images have replaced old instructional images, revised steps and procedures for various platforms and even structured the documents to allow for easy navigation. You can find all of the updated documentation here:

Several core internal programs have also been updated to allow our highly trained support staff to escalate and speed up response time for some of our more complex requests. One area of improvement has been geared towards Compliance Archive and simplifying the process to retrieve an export of a user’s mailbox.

We’re currently working on bringing several enhancements to LocalCloud. We’ve had several clients report issues with client stability. So we are working on a performance update, which will also allow for automatic updates in the future. We are also working on enhancing the Web Sharing file uploading service, by enhancing the upload controls and server-side timeouts.