Which industries use our services the most?

Which industries use our services the most?

Who is our client base for ExchangeDefender?

ExchangeDefender has been providing email security, compliance, and business continuity solutions since 1998. Over 22 years in business, we currently service approximately 10,000 users via 3,000 of our active partners worldwide. Our IT expertise allows businesses to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, ExchangeDefender is able to provide high-powered, industry-compliant solutions.

Industries that love us.

As with all businesses, we have our favorites. These are industries that, based on a recent audit of our users, we provide a lot of service and support for. Today, we’ll outline our top 4 industries that provide us with major revenue. So, who are they?


When we say legal, we mean lawyers, law firms, paralegals, consulting, recruiters, courts etc. Exchangedefender provides legal IT services that empower in-house and freelance staff. Our managed IT and cloud computing services make sure that firms can represent their clients efficiently and professionally. Some of the biggest services we offer to the legal sector are scalable solutions tailored to the size of the practice. This includes enhanced security and protection from cyberthreats, along with maintaining compliance with IT regulations and industry practices. Services that are most in-demand for the legal industry are: data encryption, email security, email archiving, and email outage protection.


The healthcare industry is certainly a major player for us. We estimate about 35% of our clients provide services within this industry. For example, we service doctors and dentists, but also laboratories, pharmacies, and rehabilitation centers. ExchangeDefender provides services mainly to small and medium sized medical practices. Solutions that are most popular for this field are: Hosted email, email security, compliance (email archiving), and data encryption. It is important to note that the medical field has strict regulations on the protection of PHI (personal health information). When landing a new medical office, be sure to mention how secure ExchangeDefender is for their email and data, and that our solutions can be tailored to their organization’s needs. (Most small-to-medium size healthcare businesses will adhere to the same types of policies and rules as ordered by law.)


Today’s financial and accounting firms are built around the customer—and the wealth of confidential data they entrust to your care. This huge responsibility requires IT systems that are accessible, fast, efficient and affordable. But, finding the right balance is difficult when security risks, industry regulations, and economic conditions are changing daily in the finance industry.

How do ExchangeDefender solutions help? We make sure that financial services, and accounting businesses are able to safeguard their data with enhanced security and protection from cyber threats. We also make sure that our clients are in compliance with federal regulations and with industry standards. The most sought-after ExchangeDefender solutions for this industry are: Email security, data encryption, web file sharing, and our email outage protection (Live Archive).


The pressure is on to embrace innovations such as cloud computing, enable mobile access, pave the way for big data, and keep it all running smoothly and securely.  However, continually shrinking budgets, security concerns, and shifting mandates make developing and maintaining IT environments more challenging than ever. ExchangeDefender delivers comprehensive technology services to strengthen and modernize state and local government IT departments and give them the professionals the tools they need to improve operations.

Government agencies’ number one priority is adhering to privacy and data protection regulations. In a close second place is cyber and web security. Our clients depend on us to protect them from cyber threats, and to protect their big data. It is very common for us (and our MSPs) to be hired to offer strategic guidance in overcoming technology challenges. If you can offer industry-compliant, high quality solutions that fit the needs of government offices – you’ll definitely acquire new clients.

Today’s Final Thoughts

No matter the industry, we’re here to keep every client safe. Every business needs email security, to secure their email and their users from email-borne and web attacks. They also need unlimited storage, to archive their all of their emails for future access and for compliance. A proper business should be using data encryption to keep confidential information secure especially in industries mentioned today.  And lastly, email continuity – or email outage protection. Our Live Archive solution does exactly that, it keeps email outages at bay, ensuring that clients can send and receive email at all times. In closing, a good business should have security, productivity, and continuity solutions in place to increase their resiliency.