[BENEFITS] Sharing files securely without using email

[BENEFITS] Sharing files securely without using email

Pictured: ExchangeDefender Web File Server

Quickly create libraries for easy document sharing and collaboration.

ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing makes it easy to quickly share a ton of large files without relying on email, clunky file servers, or cloud services primarily designed for file sync. Simply visit https://wfs.exchangedefender.com, login and create a library. Add files, add recipients, and just wait for reports.

Reviewing new documents, uploads, and comments is a breeze.

ExchangeDefender is quick, simple, and powerful! You can password protect a library, and set automatic expirations. Plus, you get email notifications when new files are added by your coworkers, or downloaded by your clients. You can even give access to your libraries. For example, you can allow recipients to delete files, or to upload files. They can make changes/revisions from their devices. We’ll even save previous versions of the file automatically so you can roll back any changes.

Built for modern workplace sharing and file storage

ExchangeDefender WFS (Web File Sharing) knows you are working on multiple projects at the same time, and makes collaborating with others a breeze. WFS makes sharing easy and secure without IT personnel. You can save your frequent recipients in groups, and as you add a new user to a group. They will have access to all the document libraries that are available to that group. The same process applies when you need to remove someone, they are instantly removed from all libraries without a lot of clicking around.

Inviting coworkers or clients

Getting someone into WFS is as simple as typing in their email address and inviting them to a library. They will receive an email invitation. If you password protected the library, they’ll get an additional email with their password. Nothing to sign up for, no enrollment process, no software to download and install. After they accept your invitation, they will be directed to wfs.exchangedefender.com to access the files you sent them.

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