[Guide] Activating your SMS Proxy virtual number

[Guide] Activating your SMS Proxy virtual number

Activating your ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy virtual number

Since the launch of our SMS Proxy (beta) service earlier this year, there has been a sharp increase of new users wanting to give texting a shot. To most, the introduction of secure SMS texting is a critical step towards better business communication. Today, we’ll explore how to sign up and activate our SMS proxy virtual number. Signing up for the service is super easy if you are already a client, or a partner. For new clients, please contact our sales team to get started. (Don’t worry, the signup is also quick and easy.)

What’s SMS Proxy?

ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy is a virtual number that delivers SMS/TXT messages to your phone, email, Slack, or Teams. This service is currently available for local numbers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Signing up

Currently, ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy is currently only available to IT Solution Providers through the ExchangeDefender Partner Program. Once you’re in our free partner program, you will have access to our portal that is used for service orders, management, support, and everything else you’ll need. For businesses who would like to sign up but do not have a service provider, please contact our sales team.

Activating our SMS Proxy service only takes a few minutes, and does not require any downloads or installations. Here’s how to get your very own virtual number with ExchangeDefender:

Step 1 – Login to https://support.exchangedefender.com

Step 2 – In your side bar, click on the Service Manager tab, then select the SMS Proxy option.

Step 3 – To reserve your number, first choose which country you would like your virtual number to originate from. You’ll want to click on the input box to select your country.

Step 4 – After you choose your location, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred number from a set of displayed options. Select the number that you would like to be your new virtual number.

Step 5 – Last step, click on the Setup ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy button to activate your number!

Congratulations, you’ve signed up for your first ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy virtual numbers. You can terminate it at any time. You can also purchase as many numbers as you want (many people use separate numbers for staff, teams, alerts, or seasonal promotions).

For more information on our SMS Proxy service, click here.

Click SMS Proxy documentation to get a more detailed guide with screenshots.