UPDATE: Exchange Migration

UPDATE: Exchange Migration

We have been keeping our partners and clients in the loop on the migration issues, around 340 accounts are still affected and we are doing everything in our power to get the last users back to productivity. As usual, all technical stuff is located on our NOC which has been updated regularly through the day/night since the first issue with legacy disconnections started:

ExchangeDefender Migration NOC Post

In the meantime:

If you are among the affected users rest assured we are doing all we can and working around the clock to get you back into your Inbox. However, just because your Outlook won’t start up doesn’t mean you cannot send and receive email from anywhere in the world. Here are the steps to enable the LiveArchive failover:

1. Go to our admin portal at https://admin.exchangedefender.com. Login as the domain admin (just type in your domain name, if you do not have the password you can get a password reminder or open a ticket with subject “LIVE ARCHIVE UNLOCK” and we’ll reset it for you)

3. After you set the password it should take 1 minute for it to apply.

4. Instruct the user to go to https://nge.exchangedefender.com. Their username is their login, their password should let them in. If you run into an issue logging in, open a ticket “LIVEARCHIVE USER” with email, password and we will reset the credentials for you.

This is not available just for the affected ExchangeDefender mailboxes, this is available and included in your service for everything we protect – public folders, shared mailboxes, etc. If a folder or user is missing just create an address as a user in admin.exchangedefender.com, enable LiveArchive, set credentials, and you’ll be back to sending/receiving email.

We are still working on this, and we will not stop until everyone is back to normal, on the new platform that will be the end of legacy Exchange issues we’ve had to contend for so long. Please stay on top of the NOC, we are doing the best we can to keep everyone updated but priority is currently on restoring access and service. If your clients are upset, understandably, please point them to LiveArchive and get them back to work, it’s functional on mobile as well as the PC. Our current status is that we’re restoring mail flow and mail access to anyone, with public folder infrastructure to follow later today.

Access to Live Archive – https://nge.exchangedefender.com/