ExchangeDefender Feedback Loop – SPAM Reporting

ExchangeDefender Feedback Loop – SPAM Reporting

ExchangeDefender SPAM Reporting (Feedback Loop) is a simple way for users to report SPAM messages that get delivered to their Inbox. This is a user-level feature in ExchangeDefender that inserts a link at the bottom of each processed email and gives users one-click reporting and blacklist management. Service providers and domain administrators can customize the appearance of the link that is automatically inserted at the bottom of the message.

Feedback Loop Feature

Login as the domain administrator And click on Mail Delivery > SPAM Feedback Loop. Click on Enable Feedback Loop Feature, make any optional additions to the signature, and click Save.

Enable Feedback Loop Reporting for Users

Once the feature has been enabled for the domain, Users will get a new feature in their Settings. Click on Settings > Settings and click on the SPAM Feedback Loop to enable signatures for email addresses associated with this user.

What does it look like?

The signature you designed on the Domain admin level will appear at the bottom of every HTML/text message that arrives in your Inbox. When the users click on the link it will open a web browser and take them to their ExchangeDefender account (if they are not logged in, they will see the login screen).

Once authenticated, the user can review the message, confirm that’s something they don’t want to see again, and we’ll look into it and make sure messages similar to the one they are reporting is not delivered to the Inbox.Users also have an option of providing feedback, uploading a copy of .msg file, as well as a checkbox that will automatically place the sender domain on a blacklist.

In conclusion, we realize that not everyone lives in Outlook or a web browser all day – so we’ve designed this process to help users that are mobile, or that interact with ExchangeDefender very infrequently – reporting and getting rid of SPAM is now just a click away. It also helps us improve the performance and accuracy of our filtering.

Try it out today!