ExchangeDefender Support for End Users

ExchangeDefender Support for End Users

ExchangeDefender announces it will be offering Support to third-party users.

One of the first announcements of 2020, covered during our most recent webinar , concerned support and our overall improvement of the platform that now serves a far wider audience than ever before.

We’re often asked to work with third parties, contracted or part time IT staff, client vendors, and everyone else that touches the email ecosystem.

Since we’re closer to our client’s email than even their own Outlook, we can help solve problems before anyone is even aware of them. Sometimes that requires us to work with 3rd parties and now we’re making that super easy, too. Just point your browser to:

Traditionally we’ve worked only with the IT Professionals part of the world (MSP, VAR, CIO) but as more business processes enter the world of email and DNS, we’re often working with external parties who need help with our platform but don’t necessarily work for an IT management company nor for our client. We’re still here to help, and we start through the help site.

What sort of issues do we expect to handle through this?

Compliance requests. RBL/SPAM delisting/whitelisting requests. Misc problems with delivery or configuration. CRM or platform integration issues. Development automation. IoT restrictions and alert delivery. Outlook amnesia. If it relies on ExchangeDefender, we’ll take a look at it. Just go to /help and we’ll find someone that can help.


Vlad Mazek



P.S. This is just one of the many enhancements you’ll be seeing this year. We’re going to make significant headway in self-management this year and our support will be on par with that.