ExchangeDefender Releases 2020 Strategy

ExchangeDefender Releases 2020 Strategy

The ExchangeDefender 2020 webinar was a success with partners tuning in to hear about new services arriving this year, click here to watch video.

ExchangeDefender’s CEO, Vlad Mazek hosted the recent talk in which he revealed to partners, the future of ExchangeDefender in 2020 when it came to its technologies and its client support services.

According to the webinar, there are five major areas of focus in which the company would like to strive for better this year, to include:

  1. ExchangeDefender would like to be the best when it comes to overall email security

    a. Clients are already aware of the true value of ExchangeDefender being at the top of its class within the IT industry for advanced email security.
    b. Our company will be investing more resources into developing even stronger security solutions with advanced security protocols to defend against tomorrow’s threats.
    c. We will be investing time into educating users on how to protect their data.

  2. Short circuit the problem escalation and resolution process

    a. ExchangeDefender is looking to improve the troubleshooting capabilities within the support portal to encourage self-service.
    b. Our company will also improve the resolution time by enabling users the ability to fix common email errors.
    c. On the backend, the developers are designing NEW ways to increase proactive monitoring, and reporting to identify issues before they become a problem.

  3. Re-structuring ExchangeDefender service offerings so that they make business sense.

    a. 2020 will usher in a new way to deliver our service offerings with the introduction of XD Service Plans.
    b. XD service plans were designed from our current client base, and the services that they are currently subscribed to with ExchangeDefender.
    c. These plans range from Email Security, Email Archiving, to a full Email Resilience suite that includes a curated selection of our top solutions.

  4. Be more available and responsive to quick questions and real-time millennial-talk

    a. ExchangeDefender realizes that although we have some of the fastest response times in the industry, there is always room for improvement.
    b. Summer 2020 is the expected release of the live support chat platform that is accessible inside of the portal where users experience problems
    c. We will also see a smart integration of XD support with partner notifications and escalations.

  5. Offer enhanced services and support for pain point items/services

    a. Generally, our company would like to become stronger in identifying pain points for our users both in our products, and with our support.
    b. To relieve these pain points, XD is looking to invest time and resources into creating a proper Knowledgebase / Documentation area that is segmented by the time of user – SP, Admins, and End users.