ExchangeDefender Unified Webinar

ExchangeDefender Unified Webinar

With the summer heat in full swing, our infrastructure upgrades and platform changes that started around Thanksgiving of last year are nearly done. The demand for ExchangeDefender, Shockey Monkey and other services has been way ahead of our projections which has slowed things down a bit but gives us a platform to address the growth we believe will be driven by the next wave of upgrades.

In the past few months we have launched Exchange 2013 and retired Exchange 2007, upgraded ExchangeDefender Compliance Archiving, Encryption, Reporting, Outlook and Destkop Agents, Unicorn/Business Monitoring and retired/upgraded several tons of hardware across our data centers worldwide. Now we’d like to tell you why:

ExchangeDefender Unified Webinar

Thursday, Jul 25th, noon – 1pm

Please take the time to register for the webinar; even if you cannot make it, the recordings will be posted online shortly.

To answer the burning question: No, ExchangeDefender is not migrating with Shockey Monkey or anything of the sort. However, in the past our services (which stretch from business services to development to software services to actual development platform) may have been harder to consume and sell than they should be. I believe we’ve fixed that over the past few months. The big topic now is the unification of everything we do under the same development and integration track so you can easily rely on us for as little or as much service as you need.

I may also mention a few new things we’re up to during the presentation Smile

Vlad Mazek
CEO, ExchangeDefender
877-546-0316 x500