ExchangeDefender – Outlook/Desktop Add-Ins

ExchangeDefender – Outlook/Desktop Add-Ins

This past week we published updates to our ExchangeDefender Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Desktop application. We collected information that was submitted throughout bug/feature section inside of our support portal. We’ve cleaned it up and implemented the features you’ve been asking for:



Below is a list of bugs/features that we have addressed.

· Upon attempting to shut down the computer, the application would hang and prevent the system from shutting down.

o This issue has been resolved. The application will now terminate correctly upon system shutdown or application exit.

· Spam/SureSpam

o These were not being displayed correctly under the appropriate section.

o There was also an issue preventing some subjects/senders from being shown.

· Releasing Messages

o All issues regarding the release of messages have been fixed.

· Some users complained about the 2007 version now loading.

o This issue has been resolved.

· Application icons / installation banner.

o The icons and installation banners have been updated to our standard ExchangeDefender images.

Remember, the download center for all ExchangeDefender software is available on our web site by clicking on Documentation > Downloads.

Hank Newman
VP, Development