Preparing for Disasters

Preparing for Disasters

The entire United States is snowed in, with the exception of Florida which is experiencing drought and wildfires. On the other side of the world, east coast of Australia is expecting major floods. No matter where you live, the weather is trying to get in a way of work.


Just because the weather is not cooperating does not mean you are down. All it takes is a lot of planning a few tips and tricks and some process. Join us for an hour of success stories and secrets our partners have shared with us about how their services have helped their clients continue working.

Thursday, January 13th, 1 PM EST

Is this just a major pitch for ExchangeDefender? Not really – naturally we spend most of our time talking to our partners about ExchangeDefender and how it helps them manage and plan for unforeseen events such as the ones caused by the weather. Reality is that regardless of the disaster, some common sense practices can put you at a major advantage and most of those practices are developed when you go through an outage.

We want to share some of the ideas, tips and tricks – along with some forms and promotional collateral – that has made us and our partners successful.

But since you asked about ExchangeDefender…

We have two really popular pieces in ExchangeDefender that our partners win deals with over and over again.

LiveArchive is an Exchange 2010 replica server that sits in our data center and replicates all inbound and outbound mail in a spare Exchange 2010 mailbox that your clients can access at any time. When their servers go down or Outlook crashes, they can just login at and continue working. Best part – no maintenance! The LiveArchive is always on, no configuration or management needed. More info.

FailPOP is new for 2011 and built on a massive POP3/IMAP/SSL infrastructure. It’s created when you add ExchangeDefender users and they are provisioned at the time the account is created. When disaster strikes all you have to do is power on your profile and it becomes your new mail server – all free and built into ExchangeDefender. I know you may wonder: But isn’t LiveArchive better? It depends. LiveArchive has up to a year of your users mail already on and is powered by Microsoft OWA 2010. But FailPOP can be used for extended outages and accessed quickly and easily from mobile devices as well as desktop software without using webmail. More info.

The biggest part of our partners success is not ExchangeDefender – it’s planning the implementation and educating clients on how to take advantage of it. Tomorrow, we hope to share some of the tips and tricks with you.

Please sign up for the webinar and we’ll email you the collateral:

The recording will be posted here shortly after the webcast but since you’re snowed in – we’ll do our best to entertain you and keep you warm!