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The numbers are quite staggering for Microsoft – in a good way to mention, about 90% of all small business organizations use O365 as a critical application suite. The dependence on these cloud applications are great for productivity, but are not-so-great when it comes securing it.

Here are some quick facts:

25% of phishing emails bypass Office 365 Security

55% of employees admit to clicking on links they don’t recognize

58% of company (sensitive) data is stored in 365 documents.

Microsoft’s infamous cloud suite is known to have been under attack from hackers as they found O365 accounts to be easy targets due to the lack of security protocols.

Researchers from Barracuda Networks have found that hackers are targeting Microsoft Office 365 accounts with a worrying degree of success.

Forbes 2019 | Microsoft Office 365 Accounts Under Attack — What You Need To Know

ExchangeDefender’s solution – Cloud App Security

Protect Office 365 applications with advanced multi-layered security, and explore how our solution defends your digital workplace against cyber-threats.

ExchangeDefender’s enterprise-grade protection works to prevent data breaches, malware, phishing attempts, and account takeovers.

Our top security features to secure cloud applications include:

Data Security

  • 256-Bit encryption in-transit and at-rest data security
  • Detect and control accidental and/or malicious data leaks
  • Data loss prevention with customizable policies
  • Layered Redundancy – ensures secure email storage across multiple networks
  • Secure Servers
  • Two Factor Authentication / OTP
  • Pattern-based encryption
  • Multi-level Encryption policies

Threat Protection

  • Malicious Attachment Blocking
  • Anti-Phishing Policies
  • Protection against advanced malware and phishing attacks
  • Email domain, attachment, and links screening and quarantine
  • Malicious files and folders screening and quarantine
  • DMARC Domain Fraud Prevention
  • Whitelist/Blacklist Policies
  • Automatic Signature Disclaimer
  • Network Redundancy

Account Monitoring

  • 24/7 U.S based support
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Receive alerts via email/text when unusual activity is discovered
  • Full visibility into login locations, sharing and downloading activity
  • Detect and control unsanctioned applications with risky permission settings
  • Automatically prevent account takeovers with policy enforcement rules

ExchangeDefender’s cloud application security is vital to the modern business, ensuring advanced protection for the storing and sharing of critical data.

Our zero-trust solution provides O365 users immediate protection ensuring peace of mind for organizations who need to secure O365 – the application, the users, and the data that is stored within it.

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