ExchangeDefender MFA Service Upgrades

ExchangeDefender MFA Service Upgrades

ExchangeDefender upgrades Multi-factor Authentication services

ExchangeDefender has beefed up our MFA (multi-factor authentication aka 2FA / OTP) service with addition of new vendors and a wider reach.

Setting up MFA involves either installing an authenticator app or authorizing us to send you a text message. When you login to our service the system will expect you to provide the 6 digit code that will only* be known to your trusted device. Essentially, it keeps people who only know your username and password out of your account.

While we would prefer a more secure and reliable model in which our clients rely on MFA authenticator apps over the less secure SMS, we understand that is not a practical solution everywhere and absolutely every needs this second layer of authentication when accessing mission critical systems such as email and file sharing.

As you may remember, we had an issue with SMS MFA before Christmas and thanks to some heavy lifting by our team over the holidays the new SMS infrastructure is truly global, scalable – and will be delivered by multiple providers for better redundancy (eliminating the 10DLC compliance issues).

With the retirement of ExchangeDefender Essentials and all the compromises it required, you will be seeing a flurry of new security features in the ExchangeDefender Email Security service. First of many will be the access restrictions and the ability to restrict access to ExchangeDefender services based on location, time, etc. The attacks on email infrastructure are only getting more numerous and more sophisticated by the day and traditional (or cheap) security methods are no longer viable in 2023 and certainly not beyond. We look forward to continuing the best email security money can buy and we thank you all in advance for trusting us with your email.