ExchangeDefender: Out with the old, in with the new

ExchangeDefender: Out with the old, in with the new

Long time no see, Vlad here with some good news among all the doom and gloom. We’re keeping our pricing the same in ’23 and we’re introducing a new service that will help you save $ in the new year.

Introducing Inbox

ExchangeDefender Inbox is an affordable email cloud service that helps you reduce your Office / M365 or Google email bills. Same domain, same email address/domain, and it works with every modern OS and mobile device. Designed to be reliable, secure, and affordable!

In a software world where everyone is seemingly raising prices, our team has been given an IKEA-like task to build an email platform that can scale, that can meet compliance and security requirements, and most importantly – still fit a budget. What we’ve built is a hybrid email service that ties into Microsoft and Google email services and allows you to offload the appropriate mailboxes onto our more affordable network (~$3/month/user).

As companies grow their reliance on email grows and their bill grows faster than their employee base because suddenly all sorts of devices, services, contractors, and vendors start requiring email access. Costs, maintenance, and management quickly spiral out of control. Inbox fixes that.

What’s so special about it?

ExchangeDefender Inbox is a secure, standards-based email service that is simple to configure with all modern operating systems and mobile devices. What makes Inbox special is the infrastructure that synchronizes your organization at ExchangeDefender and your organization that is hosted at Microsoft or Google. The email domain is the same, the email address is the same, <b>but the cost can be over 90% less than what you’re paying now.

The beauty of Inbox is its integration and simplicity. No DNS changes, no software installations or upgrades or upkeep, no long-term contracts. The entire platform is fully automated, keeping the address books on both sides in sync and enabling the users and services to operate as if they were all on the same network.

If your clients are asking you for proposals to help them save money in ’23, Inbox is the right tool for that job. Since we’ve launched it the Inbox service has been very popular with legal, medical, construction and seasonal-work franchises. We’re finding that most organizations that introduce Inbox to their service end up moving all the non-essential & non-executive users to Inbox and only leave the executives and in-house talent that requires all the M365/G-Suite functionality on the enterprise platform.

Sales pitch is surprisingly simple: if you only need to send around email we’re the more appropriate tool for the job and we’ll save you a ton of money.

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Out with the old: Essentials

While we aren’t raising prices in 2022/2023, we are discontinuing some products at the end of the year. Those products are ExchangeDefender Essentials, SMS Proxy, Wrkoo Password Vault.

ExchangeDefender Essentials is a service that’s simply past it’s prime and in our opinion no longer delivers the level of security that is needed to protect an average email user. Majority of the email-borne threats are more related to phishing and malware attacks than they are to UCE, SPAM, and known viruses.

On January 1st, 2023 ExchangeDefender Essentials and ExchangeDefender Pro accounts will be reported on your invoices under the new SKU, ExchangeDefender Email Security.