#1 Cybersecurity services for Healthcare

#1 Cybersecurity services for Healthcare

89% of healthcare providers have suffered some type of data breach within the past two years.

Got too much Spam in your inbox? Phishing attacks becoming more frequent? We can help you.

The healthcare sector mainly consists of businesses that provide medical services, create medical equipment, and develop the drugs that fill our prescriptions. It is a gold-mine for big data that contains sensitive information about patients like date of birth, addresses, medical records, and so much more. 

We’re the original email experts. 365 Defender provides cybersecurity services to small businesses specializing in the healthcare industry.

365 Defender has been protecting medical companies against hacked email accounts, spear-phishing, and data leaks for over twenty years. Our healthcare clients rely on our security experts to keep their confidential data safe, and to ensure secure communications via email.

Services that we offer:

Email Security for Outlook and Gmail
Email Archiving
Email Encryption
Secure file sharing
DNS Management
Managed Email Hosting
Email outage protection
SMS Forwarding
IT Consulting

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