ExchangeDefender Recurring Email Scheduler

ExchangeDefender Recurring Email Scheduler

Schedule recurring emails
ExchangeDefender is proud to deliver another new feature to our Pro subscribers – Recurring Email Scheduler.

ExchangeDefender Recurring Email Scheduler feature has been the top request from our clients in 2021 as we continue our work-from-home lives: we are constantly trying to remind ourselves or others about something… and email (soon SMS/text) is the go-to way to do that. Virtually anything you need to remind yourself (or others) about on a consistent basis can be done including:

– Personal reminders
– 3rd party (clients/staff) reminders
– Invoice and recurring payment reminders
– Payroll and HR requests
– Meeting & appointment reminders
– Recurring tasks & maintenance requests

Problem is, most recurring email options require you to keep your PC on at all times. Maintaining and managing them quickly becomes a nightmare. Reporting is virtually non-existent, and creating new recurring messages takes time and skill and you’re in charge of troubleshooting problems with every software update. Or you can spend even more money on a 3rd party commercial solution.

This is where ExchangeDefender Recurring Emails feature shines:

– Create and manage all recurring emails from a single interface
– Create beautiful HTML messages with a friendly editor
– Attachments and multiple contacts are supported too!
– No need for your PC to be on, no DNS changes, no software to install
– Relies on public cloud infrastructure
– Powerful recurring scheduling & control
– Activity log and campaign delivery details (for compliance and troubleshooting)
– Ability to pause and resume campaigns

We’re also hard at work integrating our SMS Proxy solution so that we can extend the reminders framework to help you reach and remind everyone through their preferred contact method. Get started at by clicking on Recurring Emails. If you can send an email, you can send a recurring email!