Make sales easier with these free materials

Make sales easier with these free materials

Boost your service offerings with ExchangeDefender!

You’ve established your business and the services you are offering, now comes the process of selling.  You may be asking yourself how I can boost my service offerings.  Well, here are a few things to consider:

— Announcing your service portfolio in a way that emphasizes the benefits to increase the interest of the potential customer base.

— Building your brand perception will enable your business to generate awareness and promote the product or service simultaneously. 

— Presenting XD products/ services electronically can be achieved effortlessly.

ExchangeDefender has a new exclusive offer to boost your cloud technology stack within minutes! Simply download product sheets on each XD product page. The information included spells out products that you can easily share with prospective clients. You can also submit a marketing request to get those product sheets branded with your company logo. All for Free!

ExchangeDefender has recently launched an “Official Partner’ logo, designed exclusively for our current partners to display as they wish. You can also use the partner logo when making posts on your MSP social media. This could be attached to product specific offerings or showcasing the third-party vendors that you currently are in partnership.  A partnership with ExchangeDefender means you can offer the best services to your clients and grow your business at the same time.  

To increase your sales opportunities, it is important to explore new services that you can introduce to expand your MSP business. Currently, partnering with ExchangeDefender means that you can offer the following IT solutions:

Email Security

ExchangeDefender PRO provides a multi-layered defense against email-borne threats like SPAM, viruses, malware, spoofing, phishing, and more.


Enterprise-grade encryption services that enable users to send and receive encrypted messages by email, url, or sms.

Email Compliance (HIPAA /GDPR)

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archiving assures full archiving of all inbound, outbound, and internal email for regulatory compliance.

Email Continuity

Live Archive, our email outage protection solution lets you resume work after a service interruption, or other technical malfunction.

Secure File Sharing & Storage

ExchangeDefender Web File Server is a professional file-sharing software that offers secure sharing, and management of business and client information.

SMS Text Forwarding

ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy is a virtual number that delivers SMS/TXT messages to your phone, email, Slack, or Teams.

Interested? Let’s take your business to the next level together, by making higher profits, reap monthly proceeds, and enjoy easy setup and service management.

Become a Partner today! or Request a quote!