Mid-pandemic, resilience is key to business survival

Mid-pandemic, resilience is key to business survival

Mid-pandemic, resilience is key to business survival

It is crucial for business to reimagine both the labor force and work strategy to be resilient. This include the ability to be flexible, adapt, and respond to change.  SMB’s best survival chance is to evolve, execute intentional actions and focus on Resilience being in the forefront.

Adapting the tradition

Traditionally, Efficiency has been a primary focus in most organizations.  The pandemic has caused a shift in the way businesses play out their day to day.  The primary focus is/was to get the job done faster with inflexible processes that enabled agents to work more competently.

This is not to say efficiency is no longer required but merely has traded places with resiliency.  Frankly, corporations must now ensure assets, employees, and their workload are ready to constantly shift with ongoing changes.

Resilience is key

Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back after life’s challenges. Businesses who are more resilient have learned to move past obstacles in a healthy way.  Resilient people learn and know how to weather the storms that come along in life.  They are aware of difficult conditions, can interpret the situation and make sound decisions on what needs to be done.

On the road to resilience – at the onset of the pandemic, companies primarily hoped for the best. They struggle to keep operations running, and are having to furlough or lay off laborers. The main focus at this point for business is financial survival, as COVID-19 continues to devastate our ‘business as usual’.

Well-fed and well-led employees

Companies aggressively protected workers, workplaces, and customers from infections. Also implemented practices to address the core needs of safety and well-being.  They focused on being supportive to employees and their families.  Cultivated employees to work smarter, by developing new skills and cross-training with other departments thus increasing productivity.

Time to Pivot

SMB’s have accepted, due to the ever-changing market that change is inevitable. Organizations reinvented the hiring process, job design, performance management and pay to coincide with the new operating model.  Pivoting toward new markets, services or goods is a great way to build on the foundation a business already has, expands revenue, and brings more income to the organization.

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