Cybersecurity challenges facing our nation in 2021

Cybersecurity challenges facing our nation in 2021

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and recent presidential election turmoil notwithstanding, cybersecurity remains one of the most non-political, bi-partisan challenges facing our nation in 2021. It doesn’t matter if you are a government organization or a private sector company, a non-profit or a for-profit, a Fortune 500 or an unfortunate 5000, everyone is being challenged daily to deal with the fervent bombardment of cybersecurity attacks on governments, businesses, and ordinary people.

While we’ve been on the cyber-defensive with nation-state, and high level cyber-criminals for decades, the executive branch of the federal government’s response has wobbled, staggered, and lurched in spastic fits that has essentially paralyzed any consistent national direction.

Most critical of all, there has been no clear guidance to the nation on exactly what is the federal government’s role in cybersecurity. Twenty years ago, dealing with foreign attacks were the sole responsibility of the federal government. Today, every private sector company, big and small, and every government organization—federal, state and local—find themselves outmatched and under-resourced in an unfair battle defending themselves against nations and organizations with far more dedicated assets. 

As overwhelming as these new trends may be, there are steps to mitigate some of the financial challenges SMB’s are facing.  Companies can invest in an affordable email protection in conjunction with sound business practices without breaking the bank.

Cybersecurity tips for 2021

Try reducing your organizations reliance solely on passwords and add Multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized users gain access. Introduce technical security solutions with the use of “throttling” or account lock outs. Ensure that all corporate web applications require authentication use HTTPS.  Enlist a password management software, such a WRKOO or other secure storage.   Implement a disaster recovery plan that includes email continuity. ExchangeDefender offers Email outage protection that is flexible to fit you company’s needs. The service is quick and easy to setup. There are no software installations, and no manual switches. The easy part is that there is no management or maintenance required. ExchangeDefender’s Live Archive solution is designed to keep your organization in business whenever a disaster strikes. It provides continuous email communications regardless of internal network outages. Our service helps businesses preserve their brand and reputation while ensuring a reliable email continuity plan.