Hosted Exchange Distribution Group Management

Hosted Exchange Distribution Group Management

In February we released our new Exchange web management user interface. Now that everyone is on the new platform, we’re quickly moving to add new features and tweak the ones that are not as intuitive. Remember, our goal with Wrkoo and our M365 UI management is to make it as simple and user friendly that any office manager can handle what are routinely clerical tasks like distribution group memberships.

Distribution Group Management is the feature we’re launching today: a friendly way to manage distribution groups.

Organizations of all sizes use distribution groups to setup internal and external mailing lists, so that one role address like sales@ or info@ can be automatically delivered to multiple people. Distribution groups and shared mailboxes play a vital role in how entire departments communicate with internal and external parties, and ExchangeDefender makes managing them a snap.

First, go to and click on Service Manager. Select the organization you wish to manage.

To quickly create a distribution group, click on the checkbox next to the users that you want to add to the distribution group. As you check users you will see a new toolbar for mass user management: Change Password, Create new group, and Add to existing group.

To manage existing groups, click on the Distribution Groups tab. From here you can manage group members or delete distribution groups. Click on Manage Members.

From here you can just select users to add and remove.

Finally, you can also find out which groups a user belongs to. Click Manage on the user you wish to review and then select Group Memberships.

We are working really hard on new features, if there are things you would like to see in our future updates please let us know by opening a ticket at