Introducing ExchangeDefender Broadcast Messages

Introducing ExchangeDefender Broadcast Messages

ExchangeDefender is making it simple to reach all users in your organization using broadcast messages. This service is convenient for business cases where you need to reach every user at the client site or every single user protected by ExchangeDefender. 

ExchangeDefender Broadcast Messages are easy, simple, automated, and free.

Simple – Sending a broadcast message is simple. Go to, login as a Service Provider and click on Broadcast Messages. 

Automatic – Broadcast Messages are always up to date and require no management or maintenance, for compliance purposes you can be certain every address on the domain will get the message.

Flexible – Messages support full HTML and our user friendly editor can help you design beautiful messages.

Branded – To save time, each message will automatically get the logo and contact information from the Service Provider contact information data.

How-to Guide

To send a message simply go to, login as the service provider , and click on Broadcast Messages

You will be prompted to choose an audience: specific domains (allowing you to pick from the list) or everyone. Type your message and hit Preview. You will see your message here, and it looks exactly the same as your recipients will see it in their Inbox. There are two checkboxes on the bottom to insert your logo and insert a default signature. If you are happy with the look of it click on Submit and messages will be sent within 60 seconds.