Shockey Monkey Mobile

Shockey Monkey Mobile

Over the course of this year we have been working on a slimmed down version of ShockeyMonkey that we’ve been porting to native applications instead of HTML5 or web kit hacks. Native applications offer the benefits of speed and integration with the device that is not possible with web apps running in a web shell. We took advantage of our current open and free API, to integrate these features into the mobile applications and can be extended to leverage the API functionality fully for those of you that want to build custom applications that tie into Shockey Monkey. These slimmed down versions offer a few core features on a much smaller scale, while still allowing you to perform with basic functionality.


Our design and mobile strategy for iPhone, iPad and Android devices is to empower clients with quick access to core functions of Shockey Monkey that are likely to be accessed on the go – client data, company data, tickets, ability to track time and create/complete tasks. Due to the low screen resolution and real estate it is not possible to create very feature rich application that will also be quick to access (imagine the frustration of having to keep on clicking and waiting for menus to show up for some obscure information) and constantly connected to the portal.

We understand some power users may have different needs and want full access to all that Shockey Monkey has to offer – we agree and we hear you! Shockey Monkey can be accessed in it’s full glory from an HTML5 device giving you the exact same experience you have on your desktop on the go. You’ll have to scroll around a bit but that’s the compromise between power and performance.

You can perform tasks such as:

· Viewing companies

· Viewing contacts

· Viewing & Updating Tickets

· Viewing & Updating Tasks

We wanted to keep it simple at first and master the core functionality. After these applications have been in circulation for a while and more people use them, we will gather feedback. We will then work towards eliminate any bugs that are present in the current release. Then expand with additional feature requests, in the future.

Device Support

· iPad


We released the iPad version on 03/01/2013 and it currently available in the ITunes Store (Free).

· iPhone


This was our next release and is in the iTunes store waiting for approval. This version is an updated/enhanced version of the original iPad application.

· Android

We are currently working on this release, it’s very close to being finished and should be published to the Android market place by the end of the month.


· Everything else

HTML5 app is at and supports virtually the same feature set as the rest of our native applications.


Hank Newman
VP, Development