Introducing ExchangeDefender Unicorn

Introducing ExchangeDefender Unicorn

Last week I had a great pleasure of introducing our partners to the ExchangeDefender Unicorn, a remote desktop monitoring solution built and designed by 30 of our partners with one simple goal: free. We wanted to arm our ExchangeDefender partners with a monitoring & management solution that would allow essential service monitoring and reporting, remote desktop access for help and support as well as reporting and seamless alert integration into the free Shockey Monkey business management infrastructure… for free.

You may notice that there is a big emphasis on the word free: We wanted to take the entire consideration for the economics completely out of the equation when it came to the monitoring of your clients infrastructure.

If you ever touched clients PC or server, you should be the first one to know when there is an opportunity to provide further value to the client.

Likewise, with the continued deterioration of the value MSP monitoring services, we wanted our partners to have a chance at playing on the same level as everyone else.

First thing I want to stress is that this is not an RMM, it is not designed to be one and it likely will not replace one if you’re leveraging some advanced automation features. It’s not about automating IT maintenance – our opinion is that the vendors that provide the software and hardware will build in those features and services out of the box for you.

It’s all about you – getting a layer of presence in the IT infrastructure of your clients be it on premise, legacy or cloud. Furthermore, it’s about building an engine of growth.

What does the Unicorn do?

For a full demo I hope you can take 30 or so minutes and watch the webinar we held last week.

ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring allows you to create complex alert templates to catch events from the system log and create tickets, send text messages or emails based on the severity of the issue. By building out templates you can monitor for different things and receive alerts in a way that makes sense.


All events that you want to monitor for are tracked through Shockey Monkey, by company and by user – so tickets can be automatically assigned to the proper resource and tied to the right customer for billing and reporting purposes.




Finally, if the issue requires direct interaction with the system you can quickly connect to the users desktop no matter where they are and either look over their shoulder or actually control the keyboard and the mouse.


It’s all about the advantage

ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring is currently in beta and it’s available for free to the folks that resell ExchangeDefender and our cloud services. The amount of free seats you’re entitled to is based on the amount of business you do with us and we hope that these additions encourage you to work with us more as we move to the cloud faster.

Let’s face it, this is not an RMM replacement. While many will certainly use it in such a way, we are more excited about the future of this product and the opportunity our partners have with us and Shockey Monkey.

Imagine a platform where a business owner can consolidate management of all their clients, vendors, billing, customer service and sales. Plenty of such platforms exist out there. But roll in a free IT management platform with a one-click connection to a service provider that can help manage it all – We have just that with Shockey Monkey and Unicorn. Now.. imagine tying in the cloud services with email, security reports, files, remote desktop access/view/support, punch clock tied with Outlook login tied with users daily browsing history connected with the email and ability to get insight into every activity of their business right down to what everyone is doing..

I hope you can picture it… because here we call that 2013. And yes, you can enjoy the beta of it today.

We hope you join us.

Vlad Mazek