ExchangeDefender Outbound JR

ExchangeDefender Outbound JR

We are very excited to introduce another product to the ExchangeDefender outbound network:

Outbound JR is a new highly-redundant high-speed outbound SMTP network designed to quickly deliver automated messages and system notifications.

The way email is sent and processed has changed over the years as we have become more dependent on it. It is used for conversations, receipts, marketing, monitoring, file sharing and more. The more that people rely on a communication system the more attractive it becomes for spammers and hackers – and SPAM filters that serve to protect those networks.

In the recent years we have seen many email providers adopt an “IP Reputation List” process of filtering SPAM. Protocols such as DCC, Pyzor, Razor and other checksum houses monitor the volume of real mail coming from systems and adjust their SPAM scores according to the likelihood that the message is SPAM. If we only receive SPAM from one IP address we are more likely to believe that the next message will be SPAM as well, so additional scrutiny is placed by organizations that by design don’t trust one another over SMTP.

Technical jargon aside, it has become impossible to assure quick delivery of real mail when it’s accompanied by all the legitimate junk: marketing, newsletter subscriptions, out of office responses, read mail receipts, delivery notifications, etc. Organizations that insist on sending automated notifications at the same time as they carry on regular conversations impact their reputation and can often cause false positives to happen.

The Solution

ExchangeDefender is now offering Outbound JR as an additional gateway for automated mail. This way you can send your notification and system management mail through a different gateway and help improve the IP reputation. By enabling our partners to help clients tie in their systems to the proper way of email delivery, we hope we can improve everyone’s email experience.

What can I not use it for?

You may not use this system for anything that violates our AUP. Outbound JR is not a system that can be used for unsolicited email, junk mail, viruses or any other violation of our Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service.

What can I use it for?

You can use Outbound JR if you need to send:

  • Out of office responses
  • Delivery receipts, read receipts, postmaster notifications
  • High volume email services for network monitoring (Kaseya, LPI, etc) or support ticket notifications (Shockey Monkey, ConnectWise)
  • High volume receipts, mailing lists, distribution groups, web site notifications, event invitations, etc.

Great, what else do I need to know?

First, the implementation. Just change your outbound SMTP relay to

You will notice that this is a redundant network and it is designed for speed. You will still be able to send encrypted email through it and use all the functionality of ExchangeDefender with the exception of LiveArchive archiving of outbound mail. Your inbound mail will still be archived free of charge with LiveArchive, but your outbound mail will not.

This is the compromise we had to make in order to make the system lightning fast.

What now?

Evaluate your usage patterns and start moving your clients to outbound-jr.

We will start contacting our partners that will have to move to this system if they are sending a lot of automated messages or marketing mail to this new system.

We believe this new addition to our portfolio will help our clients with the choice of being able to route system notifications, marketing messages as well as human-to-human email more efficiently.

Thank you for using ExchangeDefender!

Oh, by the way – it’s free. Enjoy!

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp