Maintenance 1This weekend a big part of our team will be doing some massive infrastructure upgrades to improve our network performance and stability in our Dallas DC. These changes should not have any effect on service if we find that the planned change may impact a service of some sort we will be sure to update the NOC blog accordingly. Remember that it’s available at and it’s RSS enabled at for you to subscribe for yourself and your staff.

We will also be increasing our power capability by 20% this will help us with any required growth we may need due to business growth. We’ll also begin deploying a new 2010 cluster, but I can’t provide any additional details on that as Vlad will share that news once it’s live as far its purpose and target.

Maintenance 2The last change will impact one of our backup servers, backup90 as it will receive a storage upgrade to accommodate increasing demand for that service in the upcoming months. The service impact there should be minimal and will be blogged.

So we are basically doing a big push to create a big buffer on the availability and performance so that your teams can continue to focus on just moving the product, we will take care of the ugly part of the business for you!

Carlos Lascano
VP Support Services, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x737