ExchangeDefender Support

ExchangeDefender Support

We are stepping up our game when it comes to ExchangeDefender support, making it faster and easier to get answers and support when you need it, how you need it.

It’s no secret that we’ve spent most of our Covid-19 time improving the user experience and making our products and services easier to use, manage, and support. We’ve upgraded documentation, our portals, our web sites, and even created automated troubleshooting apps that help you fix issues without waiting on or dealing with support.

Starting Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 the support experience will change for the better as well. Our primary goal with this update is to speed up the resolution time (time between problem being reported and it being fixed). We’re trying to create a more predictable and flexible way getting help from us regardless of how technical you are.



Over 80% of our support requests are answered by pointing users to documentation. With that in mind, we’ve redesigned the process to better identify the service, issue, and the user that is experiencing the problem. The system automatically reviews everything as you’re opening the ticket and advises if there are known issues with your account/configuration, and provides links to documentation and fixes. We expect this to be very popular with our growing service providers (we’ll train your staff for you!)


If everything appears to be correct (we cannot replicate the issue remotely and the issue is on the client device or network that we do not have access to), the ticket process will immediately ask for additional collateral and troubleshooting info. The goal here is to collect enough information to get the issue addressed right away instead of going back and forth.

We also tried to strike a balance across our client base when it comes to technical expertise and urgency. If you have a problem that is urgent and you want us to drop everything to help you – we can do it! If you’re not very technical, or not in a rush, or don’t have the time to do diagnostics – we can help.


We’re been quite busy during Covid-19 lock/slow-down and we wanted to do something to improve the experience and quality of our technical support. The new system puts you in control of the support. You choose how urgent the issue is, how much diagnostic information you provide, and the service level you need. We’re going for a win-win with this release: giving you more control, more access, more flexibility, more documentation – and a faster resolution time for the end user.