I’ll take this week to discuss one of the more recent patterns that seemed to snowball in the past few weeks. We’ve received an influx of feedback regarding messages getting picked off by the filter that weren’t SPAM. Fortunately, I was able to find a couple of partners that were able to have the time to cooperate with us beyond the original complaint. Thanks to these folks I was able to find a couple of patterns and thus rules that needed tweaking.

600-Hot-Weather-Combat-Boot1The nature of the first tweak, we removed a rule that took into account certain special characters in the header information. This rule “used” to work well but as more MTAs have begun using and customizing header information it’s becoming more common practice than not, so that rule basically got the boot period. The rate that it was showing up in false positives was climbing to an unacceptable level.

hand-toolsThe second tweak, this one was a bit more peculiar but this rule has an excellent hit rate on Money natured SPAM. So it picks off anything from the Nigerian prince, to ancient treasure, to someone’s grandma needing money for surgery SPAM. What we found was at the end of the year a lot of folks were sending proposal type emails that included large amount of currency that were legit that were getting picked off by this rule. On this particular rule we just toned down the scoring, the logic behind it being that if the email possesses any other “SPAMMY” qualities we’re going to go ahead and tag it as such.

We’ve seen a huge decrease on the false positives since we enacted these changes 2 weeks ago and we have not seen an increase in the SPAM flow going through because of it. So as the lesson behind this fable I’d recommend that if you ever have false positive of SPAM issues, please always attach the .msg file of the original messages to your tickets. If you provide 5 or more it increases our chances for effective resolution.

Carlos Lascano
VP Support Services, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x737