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Our latest webinar live session of 2022 just happened a few days ago, and we had so much to share with our partners. Topics covered included our newly launched sister company, 365 Defender, our new referral program that earns you cash rewards, and so much more. Today, we want to share with you the replay of the webinar featuring just the main highlights. You can always watch the replay video anytime by clicking here.    

365 Defender – providing affordable cybersecurity services directly to small businesses

ExchangeDefender’s overall strategy for 2022, as we recover from the covid-19 global pandemic, is to focus on enhancing our current cybersecurity services and software. There has been a huge shift in the IT workforce, and IT needs for the common small business which is why we launched 365 Defender. 365 Defender enables small businesses with no IT the ability to access affordable cybersecurity services. Why did we do this? The market demand was overwhelming, especially while we were all working from home. We started getting requests directly from businesses who were in dire need of security. Further, IT and MSP providers providers are specializing in more profitable areas leaving an under-served SMB space. 

New Phishing Firewall user experience

ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall has received a major face lift. We’re making it easier to control where your users go when they aren’t paying attention. The new UI enables direct access to malware scans and site security reports. It also features an improved mobile interface with the ability for logging and auditing. Soon, the firewall will also feature phishing and security user training. The new firewall is automatic, and does not require any actions by the user.

In 2022, every business needs a (good) website

We just launched brand new custom website design packages for an affordable price. Currently there are two options: a full one pager website, and a premium three-page responsive website. Pricing begins at just $199, and as a launch promo we are offering our clients the ability to spread the payments over three easy monthly payments. Why did we start offering this service? In a recent survey, tons of partners expressed their website and maintenance frustrations. We knew that we could create a package that includes the website, hosting, and maintenance.

365 Defender Referral Program

Say hello to less work, and more commission with our new 365 Defender Referral Program. Earn up to $365 commission for every referral that becomes a client. When they subscribe to a service, they’ll get a $20 credit, and you’ll get a cash reward equivalent to their final sales amount. The process is simple – sign up for free, submit a company referral, and earn cash.

ExchangeDefender recently launched affordable cybersecurity service plans for small businesses, learn more. The pandemic showed us a lot of security and technical vulnerabilities that our third-party clients were experiencing. This is why we created service plans that would benefit businesses directly. We love our partners, and our partner program and have no plans to change it. 365 Defender is our solution to those businesses that can’t afford an MSP, or are only looking for specific services.

At ExchangeDefender, it makes us really happy after hearing that a client has referred us on to someone else. In fact, it makes us so happy that we decided to reward those who are helping spread the word about our services.

How the Referral Program works

We made sure to make things as easy as possible. First, you identify a possible referral. Second, the referral goes online to signup for 365 Defender services. Third, you get paid commission for the sales amount. It is that simple!

How to get started

First, you’ll want to join our referral program. To submit a referral, simply enter a support ticket (as an inquiry is fine too) with the prospective sales information. We will contact the lead you provided us, and when a subscription is confirmed, we will provide you a one-time commission fee equal to the sales amount.

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