2022: New cybersecurity services revealed

2022: New cybersecurity services revealed

Today, in our “Managed Cybersecurity services” webinar, we revealed new services for 2022. The meeting focused on how we can solve today’s email problems with ease. ExchangeDefender recently launched three solutions that will empower clients, and reduce their time wasted on email issues.

Solution #1 – Bypass ExchangeDefender

Bypass ExchangeDefender helps you receive email that doesn’t meet ExchangeDefender’s security needs. The reason why clients would use this is because it completely bypasses ExchangeDefender security infrastructure entirely. Bypass ignores DNS security and authorization requirements like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. It also bypasses established security restrictions for attachments and domains. The biggest bonus here is that it is self-service and does not require any interaction with IT staff.

Outbound Bypass

ExchangeDefender Outbound Bypass helps you deliver important email despite of outages, blacklists, throttling, and other IT problems. The email service does not use any of our networks or systems. Instead, it relies on public cloud infrastructure. Pro user? ExchangeDefender PRO users get this solution for free.

Solution #2 – Recurring Emails

ExchangeDefender Recurring Email enables you to schedule recurring emails to send in the future. You can schedule emails to be sent at a certain time of day, any day of the week. The new feature is for standardized and compliance-oriented recurring email campaigns. So, how would you use it? Our team has been using it for recurring tasks and maintenance requests, payroll and HR requests, and client reminders.

Solution #3 – ExchangeDefender Guardian

Introducing ExchangeDefender Guardian, the cybersecurity analyst that lives in your inbox. Your dedicated analyst has the ability to triage, evaluate, and advise on any email that you deem suspicious. The guardian is mean for high-profile personnel. Anyone whose credentials, access, or role provide a lucrative entry into an organization. Price? The service is currently being offered invitation-only, and prices range from just $39 per month up to $399 dollars.

Interested? Contact us, or submit a ticket if you are an existing client to get started!