Remote-work friendly solutions for business

Remote-work friendly solutions for business

Remote-work friendly solutions for business.

There is no doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way that we work today. Daily restrictions of social distancing require all of us to keep our space with many of us still working from home. Despite the current grim reality of 2021, the mobile workforce has been on the rise since before the crisis struck.

It is our jobs as service providers to prepare businesses with solutions that promote secure productivity that is accessible from anywhere. Here at ExchangeDefender, we wanted to share the most popular solutions being sold this year that are remote-work friendly.

Advanced Email Security (ExchangeDefender PRO)

Securing company email is non-negotiable in our digital age, and in 2021 as cyber-attacks have quadrupled in the last year alone. ExchangeDefender Advanced Email Security provides a multi-layered defense against email-borne threats like SPAM, viruses, malware, spoofing, phishing and more. Being honest here, more businesses are asking for our security for our stellar SPAM filtering, and for our advanced phishing and spoofing policies. They are proven to be gold standard in the market right now, most likely because we don’t trust sources easily. Our AI-based email protection provides the strongest defense against spear phishing, account compromise and domain fraud. It offers protection to employees from falling prey to sophisticated email-based attacks.

Web File Sharing

This is our secure file sharing and storage platform that simplifies collaboration in the digital workplace. You can share large files, manage documents, and have unlimited storage for one flat rate. A major benefit is giving your clients access to your file sharing portal to complete transactions together. For security, you can password-protect any file, and control user access to content with expiration dates. Web file sharing makes it easy for teams to share documents without having to rely on email, or old file servers. Of course, Web File Sharing is a regulatory web service and is compliant with all E.U and US regulations.

Live Archive (Email outage protection)

Our rising star as most employees were being sent to work from home, is Live Archive – our email outage protection. It offers interrupted access to live and archive email. It gives businesses an email continuity solution that keeps an organization sending and receiving email without disruption. In plain English, if Gmail or Outlook is experiencing a service outage (which they often do), you would still be able to continue emailing using ExchangeDefender’s live archive. See how it works here!

Corporate Encryption

This was our best-seller last year (in 2020). It was relaunched with advanced encryption options, and became the first of its kind to offer 3 different ways to send a secure message. You can easily send and receive encrypted messages by email, url, or by sms text message. ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption is easy to use, can auto-detect sensitive data, and offers real-time reporting. Our service integrates easily, and is compatible with all major email service providers – including Office 365, on-premise Exchange, and G-Suite for Business.

If you are an ExchangeDefender partner, we would strongly suggest you to push these remote-work friendly solutions to your clients if you have not already. Our current data shows that the solutions mentioned above have been the most requested from clients since the beginning of 2020. All ExchangeDefender services are available via the cloud, and do not require any downloads or software installations to use. If you are interested in sales and marketing collateral, please submit a ticket request at our support portal – we will have the information to you within 24 hours.